Supermicro X7DWA-N Motherboard Review

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I had the opportunity to spend some time testing and evaluating this motherboard with two sets of CPUs and two types of memory. First using two X5482 Harpertowns (3200/12mb/1600) and 4x2 gig of Transcend DDR2-800 FB-Dimms, and later on using… Go To Full Article

SilverStone Lascala LC13-E Case Review

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The last time we looked at a SilverStone Lascala chassis was back in 2006 when reviewing the SilverStone LC20M, which boasted an aluminum front panel, plenty of room for storing extra hard drives, and even a VFD panel with IR… Go To Full Article

Hiper Type-M 780W PSU Review

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Hiper have three different series of PSUs, the Type-S series consisting of low output and simple units, Type-R series consisting of modular high performance units and the Type-M series consisting of non-modular high performance units. Setting the Type-S series aside,… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake MaxOrb Heatsink Review

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The Thermaltake MaxOrb heatsink is a novel design based around a half-dozen heatpipes and six individual arcs of cooling fins. I have to wonder if its design was born out of a desire not to infringe on existing patents, rather… Go To Full Article

Sapphire HD 4850 Toxic 512MB Review

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Sapphire's new HD 4850 Toxic graphics card comes with a preinstalled Zalman VF-900 GPU cooler that greatly reduces the operating temperature of the card. Also the operating frequencies have been bumped quite a bit, with some additional overclocking potential left… Go To Full Article

Antec Twelve Hundred Case Review

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With the firestorm of success that was and still is the Antec Nine Hundred, how could Antec possibly expand on a design that has won countless awards and accolades? Easy! Introduce the Antec Twelve Hundred, the successor to the Nine… Go To Full Article

Install Ubuntu Linux from USB

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I needed to install Ubuntu again after my failed adventures with another distro, so I took the opportunity to work out an even easier way to do this. Essentially, the configuration files shouldn’t need to be edited at all as… Go To Full Article

BFG GTX 280/260 Customer Rebate for EU Customers

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Due to recent price drops in the market on the GeForce GTX series graphics cards, BFG is pleased to offer European customers up to $120 USD (based on the model and price paid), who have purchased a BFG GTX 280… Go To Full Article

Next Firefox 3.1 Beta Date Announced

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MOZARELLA DEVELOPERS plan to freeze the features of Firefox 3.1 and release Beta 1 on August 19, according to their wiki. Firefox 3.1 has been in nightly Alpha builds since July. Interestingly and more importantly, Firefox 3.1… Go To Full Article

"Gamer" installs Windows Vista on his Playstation 3

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It's a 100% PS3 based emulation of Microsoft Windows Vista. Its super slow, but it works. Takes 25 minutes to boot, 5 minutes to open the start menu and 12 minutes to open Notepad!

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