Cooler Master V8 CPU cooler

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So this means 6 heatpipes on each side. Looking at the base, they are double-sided heatpipes, except the ones from the outer sets of fins. All of them are sandwiched between two thick metal pieces, in a light "V"-shaped angle.… Go To Full Article

A Mini MotherBoard Designed Just for Car PCs

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Car PCs are based on the regular X86 computing platform, they’re just installed in a vehicle. Car PCs are also known as Carputers or Auto PCs. Traditionally, car PCs were made of typical desktop components. Now, compact and small form… Go To Full Article

Asus 4850 Matrix Videocard

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Today we are taking a look at the 4850 Matrix videocard from Asus that is very similar to the other 4850 cards Asus offers but this one comes with a lower clock frequency and hopefully a lower price. We are… Go To Full Article

MSI HD4890 Graphic Card Review (DE)

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The new AMD HD4890 arrived Technic3D. The High-End "Single" Graphic Card with a Dual Slot Heatsink better than the HD4870 Graphic Card? Technic3D will see the RV790 Chip in the following Review against the Radeon HD4870 1GB and many more. Go To Full Article

Gigabyte EX58-UD3R & EX58-UD4P Motherboard Review

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Many positive commentaries have been written about Intel's current flagship Core i7 processors and its companion X58 Express chipset, due to the solid performance gains offered by the platform. In addition to the increased performance offered by Core i7 processors… Go To Full Article

XFX ATI Radeon HD 4890 XXX Video Card Review

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It wasn't so long ago that XFX only sold NVIDIA branded video cards. At the beginning of 2009, XFX also started selling ATI branded cards and today I am going to check out XFX's latest ATI card, the HD 4890… Go To Full Article

SSD Roundup: 6 Models Compared

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Some time ago we published an article in which we briefly touch on the basics of SSD technology has been received and a Kingston SSDnow M with a Samsung F1 hard drive have compared. Now we want an article devoted… Go To Full Article

OCZ Reaper TC DDR3 1866 6GB (OCZ3RPR1866C9LV6GZK)

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We've been waist deep in ram reviews at Bjorn3D. Some of the fastest kit's in existence have passed through our hands and we've driven them as hard as they will drive. We have on hand a kit of OCZ Reaper… Go To Full Article

Sapphire Vapor-X HD4850 512MB Videocard

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Sapphire did a good thing by bringing a feature rich HD4850 videocard on the market that won't break the bank, but isn't holding back any performance. The card is priced well, relatively fast, quiet and overclocks very well. Go To Full Article

ElectroSpell Thermodime: DIAMOND-based heat transfer compound demoed

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Diamond thermal paste? Yup, the penultimate material for thermal conductivity has been turned into thermal paste by Scottish company called Electrospell. Electrospell's Thermodime™ diamond heat transfer compound is an ultra high thermal conductivity thermal interface material composed of pure surface-modified… Go To Full Article

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