Power Color 3850 256MB sinks to €105

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The cheapest of Radeon 3850 generation with 256MB memory is now listed at an incredibly low €105. At the same time the same company started selling its Radeon 3850 512MB with special cooler called Zero term for an additional €25. Go To Full Article

Jetway to launches 8800GT and 9600GT with 2Gb RAM

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Both cards are using GDDR3 memory clocked at 1,800MHz and the 8800GT has its GPU clocked at 600MHz, while the 9600GT is clocked at 650MHz. There's actually very little that's exciting about these cards except the fact they come with… Go To Full Article

OLPC XO Hacks: Overclocking an XO Laptop Geode LX 700 CPU

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One major complaint about One Laptop Per Child's XO laptop, is the speed of its Geode LX 700 CPU that runs at 433mhz. Most experienced computer users find it a little slow, and often compare it to computing in the… Go To Full Article

Rambus wins latest legal round, beats back fraud claims

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The latest round in everyone's favorite ongoing legal saga, Rambus versus the world, has tipped in Rambus' favor. A jury ruled Wednesday in San Francisco that Rambus did not obtain patents for memory technology through fraud or… Go To Full Article

China Seeks to Control Olympics Weather With AA Guns, Rocket Launchers

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China may have to worry about clouds of smog and black soot due to its lax environmental policies and large scale adoption of inefficient partial-combustion obsolete technologies, but one thing it won't have to worry about at the 2008 Beijing… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Drivers Caused Lion's Share of Early Vista Crashes

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When Windows Vista first hit market, some driver issues were to be expected as hardware manufacturers moved existing components to the new OS from Windows XP. As is natural for new items, the enthusiast community was among the first to… Go To Full Article

Worth 1,000 words: Photoshop Express now free and online

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Early this morning Adobe launched a public beta of Photoshop Express, the newest member of the Photoshop "family." While Photoshop itself is the 800lb gorilla of professional image editing, the family also includes Photoshop Lightroom for pro photographer workflows and… Go To Full Article

64 Cores???

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Let's also leave aside the technical feasibilty of building a 64-core processor by 2012: having a dual-socket system with two 32-core processors using 22nm process technology is roughly the equivalent of a dual-socket 65nm Barcelona system today. … Go To Full Article

Higher Clock Speeds, No TLB Issues and Better Pricing: The New Phenom

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When Phenom launched it was slow, later plagued by a performance-hindering TLB bug and priced entirely out of the realm of rational thought. It's a new year and while I'd like to say that AMD has learned from all of… Go To Full Article

Aerocool HorsePower 1020 Watt PSU Review

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The Aerocool 1020 watt is just the latest offering in the 1000+ watt war. Featuring quad 12v rails, a 14CM fan, Active PFC and an 80+ efficiency rating the HorsePower comes in at a surprisingly low cost. The HorsePower runs… Go To Full Article

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