Cogage True Spirit, the Low Cost CPU Cooler by Thermalright (FR)

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As with Lian Li with Lancool, Thermalright has decided to launch the low cost brand, Cogage. The products of this new identity will want more accessible, without sacrificing quality and performance. As proof, the product we are testing today, the… Go To Full Article

AMD Vision & ATI Eyefinity

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Only a year since the game changing RV770 was launched, AMD is all set to release its next generation DirectX 11 hardware. Just over a week away, AMD is here to tease us with some of the new technologies that… Go To Full Article

Intel Future Socket R (2011) To Use LGA1366 HSF Mounting Holes

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Just got a socket R (2011) test board in (not motherboard, just power test board). Good news is that while the socket is physically larger than 1366, the mounting holes for heatsinks are the same Go To Full Article

Online shop lists AMD Radeon HD 5870 at 320 euro

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The world's first DirectX 11 part supposedly will be released next week, although availability on launch is as ever far from certain. Although previously leaked presentation slides showed a price of 400 dollars, maximum, a European price so far was… Go To Full Article

AMD Radeon HD 4860 in the Works?

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AMD released the industry's first 40 nm desktop GPU. The RV740 went on to make only one SKU, the Radeon HD 4770. The company filled its Radeon HD 4700 series almost overnight with two more SKUs positioned on either sides… Go To Full Article

Quad-Core on the Cheap: AMD Athlon II X4 620 Reviewed

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AMD is launching a new series of affordable quad-core processors today under the Athlon II brand name. Based on the 'Propus' architecture and built using a 45nm design process, the new series is intended to help AMD secure the low-end… Go To Full Article

AMD Athlon II X4 620 Quad Core Processor Review

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I have to say, I am very impressed with the new Athlon II X4 series processor. This baby performed very well despite having a low L2 cache, no L3 cache and a low clock speed of 2.6GHz. While it was… Go To Full Article

Intel i5-750 Socket 1156 Lynnfield Processor Review

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Intel knows that most people will spring for the cheaper Lynnfield in most cases and enjoy a big upgrade for little money. It's hard to really point out anything wrong with this processor. It's cheap, its performance for the dollar… Go To Full Article

How Stuff Works: Ram

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While people understand that RAM helps your computer run efficiently, not everyone knows exactly how it works. More of it means you can do more simultaneously, but not all people can explain why, or tell you exactly what the RAM… Go To Full Article

Antec True Power New 750W Power Supply

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The fan is PWM, and its connector can be found on a separate board, for easy removal. As we can see from the photo, most of the cables that exit the PSU are soldered to the board, and there is… Go To Full Article

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