Microsoft unleashes Havok

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MICROSOFT HAS signed a licensing deal with the graphics physics folk Havok. The deal makes the Havok's core Physics, Animation and Behaviour products available to Microsoft internal studios and all its development partners worldwide. … Go To Full Article

Andrea Pininfarina died Thursday

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Andrea Pininfarina, CEO of Italian design and contract manufacturer Pininfarina, died Thursday morning in a road accident near Turin at the age of 51. Details are still sketchy, but the first local police reports say a car crashed into Pininfarina's… Go To Full Article

ATI FirePro new Professional 3D Card

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AMD today raised the bar for Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Digital Content Creation (DCC) application performance with the announcement of two new professional graphics accelerators – ATI FirePro™ V5700 and ATI FirePro™ V3700. As a part of that announcement,… Go To Full Article

nVidia Quitting Chipset Business... not likely

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The mobo makers may have their own gripes, too, but even if they didn't, if their major customers are peeved at nVidia, they can hardly be too enthused about them, either. If HP doesn't want, say, high-end motherboards based on… Go To Full Article

Intel Bloomfield: The Luxury CPU Line

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The more I think about Bloomfield, the more it looks like a radical break for Intel, and I'm not talking about performance. What Intel is doing with Bloomfield is essentially expanding its Extreme processors into an Extreme… Go To Full Article

How to Battle Intel? Merge AMD and NVIDIA

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Arguably, Intel has all the aces right now. It's going to be a blue future for the IT world, but also a blue mood for Envydia and Daamit if Intel can make things work in reality the way they currently… Go To Full Article

Palit Sonic HD4850 to feature custom PCB and Cooling

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Palit is ready to launch their custom HD4850 with 3 Phase GPU circuit and 8- pin PCI-E Power plug for better power distribution. The core is cooled with a dual slot twin heatpipe design and the GPU has been overclocked… Go To Full Article

First pictures of the Eee PC S101 appears

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Asus is also likely to drop the Eee PC branding on the S101, according to reports on HKEPC, and they also claim that Asus wants to compete with the MacBook Air with the new model, as it is 16-21mm thick… Go To Full Article

AMD to launch Havoc on GPU when it's faster

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If you remember, Ageia's Physics would get some cool physics in original Ghost Recon Advanced Warrior but it would also cause the graphics performance to drop. This is not what AMD wants to re-live and we were told whenever AMD… Go To Full Article

Nvidia working on cheaper 790i chipset

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It was almost bound to happen, as judging by Nvidia's Intel chipset roadmap, the company only has high-end and entry-level chipset available on en-route, but from what we've been told, Nvidia is working on a cheaper version of the 790i… Go To Full Article

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