Aerocool DS200 Review @ Vortez

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As part of the Dead Silence Series, DS200 has its focus around elegance, minimalism and of course, silence. All of this mid-tower’s panels are closed off to prevent noise from leaking out of the chassis and Aerocool has furnished the… Go To Full Article

London to start trialling wirelessly-charged buses

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While London's public transport network is getting more hi-tech by the minute, the city's buses and trains aren't as green as they could be -- at least not yet. Transport for London (TfL) has already deployed 800 hybrid and a… Go To Full Article

Imagination Technologies will give its 'Raspberry Pi on steroids' away for free

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Grab someone in the street and ask them about Imagination Technologies and they're more likely to run away than tell you that it's the company that designs the graphics chips for Apple's mobile devices. The company is more than just… Go To Full Article

Google Nexus 9 tablet nearly confirmed to pack 64-bit Tegra K1 chip

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The long-rumored sequel to the aging Nexus 7 2013 tablet is inching closer and closer to a formal announcement, and evidence is piling up in support of the purported Nexus 9, aka HTC Flounder, aka HTC Volantis being a powerhouse… Go To Full Article

WD releases 8TB hard drive

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Western Digital has decided that the world needs hard drives which can store 8TB. The 8TB HDD comes five months after Western Digital had released the first ever 6TB HDD, so the company clearly thinks we are… Go To Full Article

Microsoft wins PR blitz over cloud

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Microsoft’s several-hour outage of the cloud-based Visual Studio Online services might have been a PR disaster, but Redmond appears to have won the hearts and minds of its customers by actually doing the right thing. Computer World… Go To Full Article

LG's big screen phone-of-the week gets a laser camera

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Now that LG's flagship G3 is a big success, it's pulling a Samsung by throwing esoteric spin-offs like the G3 Stylus against a wall to see what sticks. The latest is the not-so-brilliantly named Gx2 (the company already has a… Go To Full Article

EK Introduces New Flagship CPU Water Block

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EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana based liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is proud to introduce the successor to EK-Supremacy flagship performance universal CPU water block. EK-Supremacy EVO is an evolution of a EK-Supremacy flagship performance water block, introduced in… Go To Full Article

Google Updates Chrome. Version 37 gives cleaner font rendering on Windows!

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Today Google updated the stable version of their Chrome browser to version 37.0.2062.94 on Windows, OS X, and Linux. This is a highly anticipated release for users on Windows specifically, as it marks the move from Microsoft's Graphics Device Interface… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte X99-UD7 WiFi Leads Company's Mainline

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Much like ASUS, gigabyte has branched its high-end DIY motherboard lineup into gamer and overclocker-centric ones, while retaining a mainline. The Gaming G1 series targets gamers, while the SuperOverclock Force (SOC Force) targets overclockers. The mainline Ultra Durable brand still… Go To Full Article

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