Icy Dock MB668 External ScrewLess 2.5Inch HDD Enclosure Review

Storage/Other by jmke @ 2010-08-10

Icy Dock send us their latest compact external housing for 2.5inch HDDs. This unit features a sleek design and color scheme, comes with USB 2.0 and eSATA (optional). It has a complete tool less design and installation of a new HDD takes only a few seconds!

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Introduction & Specs


Today we take a closer look at an external 2.5” drive bay from ICY DOCK. A slick looking enclosure with tool less design for adding and removing SATA drives.

ICY Dock has their factories located in China, with different sales branches all over the world, including USA, Germany and Japan. They started back in 1994, setting up production lines, but it’s only since 2004 that they sold products under the ICY DOCK brand. The increased push to user-friendly products in 2007 has made their name and products stand out from the competition, with many online stores carrying their products.

For more info about ICY DOCK please visit their site here. If you’re wondering if ICY DOCK is related to the ICY BOX brand, we can safely confirm that these are two different companies, ICY DOCK is a registered brand under Cremax Technology, while Icy Box is part of the RaidMax.de line-up.

What’s a MB668

The product naming chosen by ICY DOCK is not very descriptive, leaves us guessing a bit what is exactly is. Luckily the product pages include plenty of information as to what the product is all about and what it can do.

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The mobile enclosure comes in a decorative cardboard box, with a list of specs at the back. The most important area is the small sticker which defines what variation of the MB668 is inside, as there are 3 variations on the market:

  • MB668U-1SB: Features USB 2.0
  • MB668US-1SB: Features USB 2.0 and eSATA
  • MB668U3-1SB: Features USB 3.0

    These products are made from light weight aluminum with piano black finish on outside, surprisingly fingerprints are hard to leave behind, so the device doesn’t become a dust magnet or defaced with thumbprint smudges.
    We tested the USB 2.0 version, which has the following specs:

  • Drive Fit :1 x 2.5" SATA I & II HDD / SSD (9.5mm thickness)
  • Hard Drive Capacity : Up to 750GB
  • Drive Interface : SATA
  • Host Interface :USB 2.0
  • Transfer Rate :Up to 480 Mb/Sec.
  • LED Indicator : Device Power: Orange LED / Drive Activity: Blue LED
  • Structure : Aluminum body w/ partial plastic
  • Drive Cooling : Aluminum heat dispersion
  • Power Source : USB Bus Power / 5V DC (Optional)
  • Dimension (W x H x D) : 76.3 x 13 x 150 mm

    Let’s take a look at the product and accessories ->
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