CeBIT 2010 Coverage

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2010-03-08

It´s that time of year again at Hannover Messe. CeBIT 2010 gave us high expectations. New CPUs from Intel and AMD, Nvidia Fermi video cards and loads more motherboard releases. Since we had only 2 days to wander around, we made the choice to meet and greet first the partners we work closely with and that supply us with all the review hardware. Our schedule had to be quite closely adhered too. Day 1 was less hectic in total visitor numbers, day two was already pretty crowded and much harder to snap decent pictures and guided tours.

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Arctic Cooling :

Sadly we couldn't speak to the representative of Arctic Cooling as there was noone at the booth at the rendez vous time. They were probably making a good deal with a distributor, as this booth was in the Resellers part of CeBIT. The part were mainly contracts and big deals are closed and is normally not accessible to the general public. Anyway, we took pictures of the new products displayed at the booth. New coolers shown for the 5870 and 5970 cards , claiming big temperature drops compared to the reference units at an almost inaudible level. Claims for which Arctic Cooling is renowned for. Third new product and which we will encounter several times mores on CeBit are notebook cooling units. Arctic cooling calls their solution Arctic NC, yep you guessed it ; Notebook Cooler.

Arctic cooler has build up a decent name over the years and is used on a lot of VGA brands. Dependable, affordable and efficient.

Madshrimps (c) Madshrimps (c) Madshrimps (c)

The 5870 cooler will be available in the next few months, the 5970 will hit retail market mid June.

Asrock :

Rob Canta from Asrock guided us through his booth. Asrock is indulging themselves into the low end notebook market. In their motherboard range they want to get rid of the general assumption on the cheapish look and build quality of their products. Hence why they are releasing Extreme motherboards, with an abundance of features and more professional looking colour schemes. At Asrock we found one of the few Gulftowns in action running happily on their extreme3 X58 motherboard. Rob told us it will take some time, but once the reviews will be online, it might turn a few heads. He's pretty confident about their new high end lineup.

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On the booth they also had an AMD setup running on the new 890GX chipset. Having unlocked the 4th core of a Phenom II X3 720 CPU. The new Unlock Core CPU (UCC) feature in the bios allows this unlocking. True 333 can also be found on the latest Asrock motherboards. Reminding of course of Gigabyte's 333 trademark, though Rob confirmed this is even better, with guarding the PCI-E at 16X and maximising throughput for USB and S-ATA3.0 at any time, under any circumstance.

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Asrock also has got a simple to click OC function on their H55 mobo's called Turbo 50 Increasing CPU/ram and IGP speeds to get 20-50% better results in some benchmarks.

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