Three AMD 785G Motherboards Compared and Overclocked

Motherboards/AMD AM3 by windwithme @ 2010-01-27

In this overclocking test three AMD 785G Chipset based motherboards are put through a series of tests in combination with a Phenom II X2 545,DFI LANPARTY BI 785G-M35, GIGABYTE GA-MA785GPMT-UD2H and BIOSTAR TA785G3 HD are used to overclock and unlock the X2 to X4 at 3.75Ghz

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Every year I always spend some time to write an article about mainstream PC platform recommendation for choosing the high C/P value mainstream products.

Users can pay less get more performance products. AMD was stuck at 65nm for couple year and not much progress. It caused two main weaknesses for Phenom X4 CPU, high power consumption and over heat. That’s why I didn’t write too many reviews with AMD platform.

Since 2009, AMD launched 45nm CPU and still keep in parity. After then, AMD announced a series X2/X3/X4 CPU, and also can enable cores and L3 cache. It makes AMD ramp up the market share in 2nd half 2009. Of course, the motherboard is also the key factor. Especially the economy crisis in 2009, the users lower their cost in many consumer products.

AMD CPU highest C/P one is Athlon II X3 425/435, the price is around 66~75 USD. This CPU may enable quad cores by MB south bridge. However, please be aware that it doesn’t have a 100% success rate . If it’s unstable, please back to the tri-core to operate.

Another model is Athlon II X4 620/630, the price is around 93~107 USD. The main difference with Phenom II X4 is no L3 cache. It also has opportunity to enable it to be complete Phenom II X4.

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This time I use Phenom II X2 545 for quad core test. A model recently available in stores for ~$90

Besides, I use Micro-ATX MB which is AMD main segment in few years. AMD uses their leading UMA performance and lower price to compete with the other chipset provides. This article introduces three 785G MB to enable Phenom/Athlon II being X4 and OC performance.

Madshrimps (c)

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