Vidabox Premium Wireless ACC-KBLTB Keyboard Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by leeghoofd @ 2010-01-22

To start off this is a totally new experience to me. Yes even at my age I am still in for some learning action. Being used to review motherboards, CPUs and GPUs and cooling equipment, I had no idea how to approach a review about a keyboard. Being an avid gamer, in a past far away, I always avoided wireless input. Even though technology has come a long way since the dark ages, I am still sceptical about the lag input they could create when fighting it out on the battlefield. So let us have a loser look at this compact wireless keyboard with trackball from Vidabox

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Conclusive Thoughts

Conclusive Thoughts

Well I've been using this keyboard now for almost a month. The first days I was cursing and swearing. Not the keyboard's fault, but my brain couldn't adapt to the QWERTY layout. That's the curse of an aging reviewer. The keys feel pretty good and are very responsive. Laptop users will directly feel at home with this keyboard as it shares a similar layout.

I used the keyboard during some long game sessions. It did seem to perform as good as my monstrous Logitech gaming keyboard. Allowing multiple key inputs was no issue at all. The trackball was far too sensitive at first hand. A reduction in sensitivity, via the windows mouse configuration, made it far easier to work with. Of course for gaming I didn't use the trackball, but my dedicated mouse during the online massacres.

Previous info might be less interesting though for HTPC users. These might be more interested in the operational range of this unit. Vidabox promises an 11 meter range and I can vouch that the keyboard had absolutely no issue at all when I used it across my living room. I even went into the kitchen and it still was opening explorer and e.g. my mails at the touch of each button (as verified by my trustworthy spouse). The non line of sight is working like a charm.

Xbox, PS3 and other console users will enjoy better browsing and input via this keyboard. If it recognises a generic HID, then you are good to go with this keyboard.

Madshrimps (c)

As mentioned earlier, I've been very weary about wireless input devices. But this keyboard has surprised me in a nice way. I'm even starting to use it during my overclock sessions. Only downside might be the high price. But don't forget this is an all in one combo. A separate quality wireless keyboard and mouse will set you back the same amount. This nifty device can be used on your lap and is very easy to manipulate due to its ergonomic and small design.

Update : We've received an update from Vidabox, if you buy from web shop using the coupon code 'madshrimps' you'll get a 10% reduction !

+ Very solid design, compatible with Windows, PS3, XBOX, Mac and other new Osses.
+ Very long range operation
+ Battery life between 7-9 months, due to auto-shutt off feature.
+ ergonomic design

- Price might scare some at start, but you get what you pay for !
- can't overclock it...

I wish to thank Steven from Vidabox for sending me this kit. Let's hope with future packages Belgian customs will not be such a pain in the ... (fill in on the dotted line)
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