Vidabox Premium Wireless ACC-KBLTB Keyboard Review

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To start off this is a totally new experience to me. Yes even at my age I am still in for some learning action. Being used to review motherboards, CPUs and GPUs and cooling equipment, I had no idea how to approach a review about a keyboard. Being an avid gamer, in a past far away, I always avoided wireless input. Even though technology has come a long way since the dark ages, I am still sceptical about the lag input they could create when fighting it out on the battlefield. So let us have a loser look at this compact wireless keyboard with trackball from Vidabox

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The Keyboard


Vidabox is US company specialized in delivering multimedia sources, audo & video, they are focusing also interface tools like the wireless keyboard I’m testing today:

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VidaBox LLC is a privately held manufacturer headquartered Garden City Park, New York, USA. Founded in 2005, VidaBox has a history of creating innovative and award-winning products, such as the world’s first production hybrid Blu-ray and HD DVD player in October 2006 with the LUX™ and MAX™ systems. The company’s primary focus started with custom-made, Windows-based media centers, but their product lines quickly branched out as demand for even more fully-featured solutions rapidly grew.

Today, VidaBox produces a variety of digital entertainment and control systems such as media centers, audio servers, home automation platforms, as well as complete, turn-key solutions. Their wide range of products include support for multi-room AV distribution of Blu-ray, DVDs, music, pictures, video, TV, and other digital content.

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What it all boils down to is that Vidabox has specialised themselves into producing products to create almost any imaginable product to enhance your entertainment environment and it all very user friendly. Products range from Audio servers, to lighting/alarm control, karaoke machines,.. you name it, they got it.

Time to focus now on the Premium Wireless Keyboard:

First the revision history :
Q2 2006: Model 1 w. mechanical trackball
Q2 2007: Model 2 w. Optical/glowing trackball
Q2 2008: Model 3 w. Laser trackball
Q4 2009: Model 4 w. Improved Laser trackball

I included this info as I've found a look-a-like ( from another brand ) which follows the older design of 2007 of Vidabox' keyboard. But it lacks the Media Center "Green button" and if it's using the older Vidabox parts then I have to warn you for low battery duration, due to the glowing trackball. Vidabox can't confirm if it's using their old parts or if it's a full copycat production. In any case it retails around the same price, why not opt for the real and improved version !

The packaging

Sorry lads not much to show here, no flashy stuffed with specifications box to be spotted. Vidabox keeps it simple and protects its product in a solid white cardboard box. More than suitable to protect the bubble wrapped keyboard from shipping abuse. Only a small sticker on the upper left hand corner indicates which product it houses.

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The Premium Wireless Keyboard has been designed to be used from your comfortable rocking chair to control your HTPC. It was ages ago that I've first seen a wireless solution to control your entertainment device of preference. In those days an operating distance of a few meters was already revolutionary. I can tell you already this Premium wireless keyboard is a treat to work with across a large living room.

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The design is slick but conservative, no flashy bells and whistles, but just what is needed is included. The keyboard feels very comfortable to work with. The ergo design also works fabulous when operating the laser trackball and mouse buttons.

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The packaging contains:

- The keyboard + 3 AA batteries
- RF USB dongle
- Manual
- Classy protective dust bag
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