Leadtek Winfast Geforce GT 220 1Gb - A 9500 GT with DX10.1

Videocards/VGA Reviews by jmke @ 2009-11-05

NVIDIA released a new GPU onto the unsuspecting masses, it features DX10.1 support and is their first 40nm product. It is not a new high end card though, the Geforce GT 220 has retail price on average of €50, so let us find out where it lands performance wise.

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Intro & Inside The Box


NVIDIA is going 40nm, and today we have their first new GPU in the labs; for the first time since NVIDIA is launching their entry level models first, for the high end 40nm models we’ll have to wait for 2010 most likely. DirectX wise this GPU also supports the slightly newer DX10.1 specs (most notable feature of 10.1 is reduced overhead when using AA).

Leadtek allowed us to test their Geforce GT 220 model which comes with a low profile PCB, a custom cooler and is equipped with 1024Mb GDDR3. The GPU and Shader clocks are reference speed (625Mhz and 1360Mhz respectively) but the memory is running at only 800Mhz (vs 900Mhz reference).

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As you can see, a 512Mb exists also; on the back of the box they list the features of the new arrival:

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Most notable are:
  • NVIDIA PhysX
  • PureVideo HD (accelerates HD video content, lowering CPU load)
  • HD Support (1080p)
  • Dual Link HDCP capability (for high resolution display)
  • DX10.1, Shader 4.1 and OpenGL 3.1 Support

    Inside the box

    Inside the box, you’ll find the GT 220 card, two low profile brackets, a driver CD and a simple installation guide.

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