Acard ANS-9010 RAMdisk vs OCZ Vertex 30Gb SSD: Shootout

Storage/SSD by jmke @ 2009-05-11

We take a comparative look at the ACARD ANS-9010 ramdisk drive versus the OCZ Vertex 30Gb Drive in this video enhanced head to head shoot-out!

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Introduction & Test Setup


Those looking for large storage are swimming in a pool of choice between 1~2000Gb hard drives at very competitive prices. If high performance is your goal there’s still plenty of choice but prices varies a lot.

When my colleague reviewer Massman finished his review of the ACARD ANS-9010 ram disk device he recorded some pretty amazing benchmark numbers 300-350Mb/s read speeds consistently and IO performance 4~5x as fast as a single OCZ Core SSD.

While the benchmark numbers were pretty impressive he was unable to do a side-by-side comparison of any real-world testing due to time constraints and resources. When he noticed my VGA test station he had found the perfect playground for this new expensive toy.

Test Setup

We build our test setups with the help of (Belgian’s Largest Hardware Shop!) who helped us with the hard drives, CPUs and monitors, MSI for the motherboards, OCZ for the memory, Coolermaster for the cases and power supplies and last but not least, Scythe for the silent CPU coolers.

Madshrimps (c)

Madshrimps VGA Test Stations
CPU 2x Intel Core 2 E8200 @ 3.375Ghz
Cooling 2x Scythe Ninja 2
Mainboard 2x MSI P45 Platinum
Video Card Leadtek GTX 260 & GTX 280
Memory 2 kits of 2 * OCZ 2Gb PC2-8500 Reaper
  • 2x Coolermaster CM690 Enclosure (3*120mm case fans)
  • 2x Coolermaster UCP 900W Power Supply
  • 2x Western Digital 80Gb HDD (system)
  • 2x Samsung 640Gb HDD (Data)

  • As you can see, I have two identical setups installed next to one another, ideal for some side-by-side action; since I still have the OCZ Vertex 30Gb SSD drive lying around, Massman was interested to see just how much faster a DDR2 based ramdisk device is compared to an already speedy SSD.

    He rang by doorbell early Saturday morning…

    Madshrimps (c)

    How could anybody turn down such a proposal?
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