A look at DDR2, DDR3 and SSD Products At Cebit 2009

Tradeshow & OC events by thorgal @ 2009-03-11

Memory manufacturers were quite well represented this year at Cebit. SSD drives captured most of the spotlights at the memory manufacturers´ booths, but we did see a lot of interesting DDR3 products as well. Have a look at the most important memory products at Cebit 2009 in the following roundup.

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Corsair, Patriot


Corsair did have some interesting new products to show at their booth, but I'll let John talk about those in another Cebit roundup. On the memory side, there wasn't a real announcement made, but it was the first time I saw the new Dominator "GT" series in the flesh. Let me tell you : they look awesome !

Corsair centered their memory products around the Core i7 product, featuring several setups loaded with triple channel memory, up to 12Gb (6x 2Gb). With each memory product they aligned a suitable motherboard in the same category.

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One of those motherboards is the Foxconn Bloodrage, the ideal companion for the high end Dominator GT series, and not only for the color scheme...

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And here they are... the GT's up close and personal...

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Strangely enough, Corsair has not really entered the SSD market yet. Gareth did tell us that they are considering such a move, but if they do it, they'll do it right the first time... Corsair does have a toe in the water already though, but did not make much fuss about the product. The S128 does not have the best specs around, but reportedly performs rather nice... a testcase product so we are told.

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Patriot expanded their triple channel memory kits as well with a new DDR3-2000 memory kit suitable for Core i7. Patriot has partnered up with Futuremark recently, and some qualifying memory kits come bundled with 3D Mark Vantage.

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There was a new version of their "Warp" series SSD disk as well at Cebit : up to 256Gb is offered now. The V3 Warp series offers very impressive read and write speeds at 240Mb/s and 160Mb/s respectively.

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Next up is Mushkin...>
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Comment from Kougar @ 2009/03/12
A strange sight : the Intel SSD drive on show at the A-data booth... we wonder what's behind this ?
More rebadges I guess? Kingston already sells them.
Comment from jmke @ 2009/03/12
but A-DATA also carries their own MLC product lineup?
Comment from Rutar @ 2009/03/12
I don't understand that Intel cannot use the same sales channels for their SSDs and CPUs. I expected them to overrun all other brands in availability (which matters a lot) due the fact that they are Intel. Someone has screwed up.

Nice find about Gskill still selling superior SLC SSDs.