OCZ Z-Drive 1000GB SSD Performance Preview at Cebit

Storage/SSD by jmke @ 2009-03-05

OCZ will be launching an SSD based product later this year which promises never before seen performance, 600mb/s read and up to 500mb/s write will not be out of the ordinary. We got a chance to do a few performance tests at Cebit this year where they were demoing a 1000Gb version.

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HD Tune, Sisoft Sandra, PCMark Vantage


Windows Vista 64-bit was installed on the Western Digital 150Gb Raptor, we had a chance to run through a quick HD Tune 3.10, testing both access times and throughput of the file system, so there’s definitely some caching action going on here.

Madshrimps (c)

At smaller chunk size the SSD are known for less than stellar performance, Windows works with ~4k chunk files, here we see ~100mb/s read/write performance which is quite good (understatement). As soon as the chunk size goes up you see the advantage of the PCI Express interface, scaling upwards to 1400mb/s read and 1100mb/s write speeds. Do note that these are not sustained write speeds, rather buffered/cached read and write operations which your OS and applications do a lot of.

Sisoft Sandra File system test takes a more real-world approach and its integrated database allows us to compare the results to some other popular storage solutions as the Gigabyte iRAM, a RAID-0 array of 15000rpm SCSI drives and 4xRAID-0 of the very popular WD Raptor 36Gb.

Madshrimps (c)

Access times with the Z-Drive are instant, same as the Gigabyte I-Ram… but look at that performance index rating of 550mb/s… just wow!

Last up was PCMark Vantage HDD testing suite which takes up 20 minutes to complete and comes up with results much higher than any SSD/I-RAM/HDD array encountered yet: total score for HDD section only 43000+

Madshrimps (c)

OCZ listed “up to 4Tb” by the end of the year, this would surpass any other single device (not single disk) on the market, but at what price? The 1Tb version will cost more than $1500, so it’s definitely high end. You could build your own 4 drive array with some ultra fast 32Gb X25-E Intel SSDs, the cost would be $2400+ for a 256Gb drive…

We’re definitely looking forward to see this product go retail and how the competition will react. What is sure is that OCZ has upped the ante with the Z-Drive!
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Comment from Kougar @ 2009/03/05
Insane! That thing is larger than even the largest GPUs.
Comment from jmke @ 2009/03/05
It won't fit in mid-size cases, unless you hack the casing, but at that price point you should be able to afford a nice large case too
Comment from Kougar @ 2009/03/05
Is it even bootable? Was the OS running off of the drive? The last PCIe SSD configurations I heard about were not capable of booting from.
Comment from piotke @ 2009/03/06
It's like booting / running windows from a raid array from a plug in card
Comment from Kougar @ 2009/03/06
Originally Posted by piotke View Post
It's like booting / running windows from a raid array from a plug in card
Yes, but as I recall the first Fusion-io card was the same thing, but could not be used as a bootable drive due to some reason or another. They said future models would have the problem solved.
Comment from thorgal @ 2009/03/06
You do need a driver for it to be bootable, but other than that it should work. The one on display was not a boot drive though.
Comment from jmke @ 2009/03/06
it was not used as the boot drive so you could do write tests on it, reformat it with different stripe size etc... it's perfectly bootable, it's after all a Highpoint Rocketraid PCIe card where you hook a few drives up to.

with 8xSATA drives you can get similar speeds of 750mb/s in HDTach

during Windows setup hit F6 when asked and provide a driver disk and you're good to go
Comment from colt357tw @ 2009/03/07
yup jmke is absolutely right on this, all you need to do is setup BIOS to boot from PCIE RAID card
Comment from Faiakes @ 2009/03/10
Now, THAT is the ultimate OS drive (not bloody Vertex...)