GLOW Audio Amp One Review

Audio/Speakers&Amps by KeithSuppe @ 2009-03-15

Glow Audio´s Amp One reflects what many industry professionals see as the future of home entertainment. The role of the Personal Computer as a multi-media center. Apple has been on top of this for sometime but even Apple doesn´t build sound systems per se. So what does the GLOW Amp One offer

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Introduction to affordable High End sound

The Future of PC:

Madshrimps (c)

Glow Audio's Amp One is this company's first offering in the rapidly growing Computer Audiophile sector. Glow along with manufacturers such as Tecon Audio, AVI HiFi, Peachtree Audio and M-Audio are raising the bar on PC sound quality. Internet inspired like most things these days, the enormous number of music files available online eventually found its way to the ears of music lovers including Audiophiles. The Amp One is based on what is known as a SEP or Single Ended Pentode circuit and as an integrated amp with built in USB DAC, all that's needed is a USB (or RCA analog) source and a pair of efficient speakers. Amp One specifications taken from their website are listed below.

  • Removable tube cage included with all amplifiers
  • Simple plug-and-play USB connection for your laptop, PC or MAC (cable included)
  • 1 pair RCA inputs
  • Single ended (SE) Class A pentode design
  • EL84 power tubes
  • Ceramic Tube Sockets
  • All point-to-point wiring
  • Precision hand wound transformers
  • Minimum negative feedback
  • Tubes are self-biasing and never need adjusting
  • 1/4" Headphone jack
  • ALPS volume potentiometer
  • High quality binding posts
  • High Gloss Enamel paint with anti-corrosion undercoating
  • Steel chassis
  • Full one year warranty
  • 115-220 V switch able, fuse protected
  • CE certified in compliance with European Economic Area (EEA) requirements (09 version)

  • Until recently most PC Users connected their on-board sound or an add in sound-card to a pair of powered speakers or surround sound setup. For many years the term "PC-Audio" where music playback was concerned was practically a misnomer. Today companies such as AVI have given us some remarkable hardware. On the test bench at present is the AVI ADM9.1 system. Effectively these powered speakers each house powerful bi-amplifiers, with the main speaker incorporating a Wolfson Audio DAC via a S/PDIF Optical input, this fully remote controlled system sounds amazing (look for my review very soon). But that's another review. So what does the Amp One offer?

    Madshrimps (c)

    As far as incorporating Digital to Analog conversion the Glow Amp One employs the C-Media CM102S is a 2-channel 16-bit DAC with 48 KHz sampling frequency. A special USB cable is included for connection with your PC or any "music server" with USB connects (2.0). Looking at the rear of the amplifier we see decent five-way binding posts, RCA inputs for use with a pre-amp to circumvent the internal DAC, AC-input and USB (off to the right).

    Madshrimps (c)

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