Dragon F1 Extreme Edition LN2 Cooler by K|ngP|n Review

Cooling/SubZero Cooling by massman @ 2009-04-03

Had enough of too hot processors holding you back on overclocking? Had enough enough of the overclocking season being the winter only as summer makes your system unstable? Time to switch to extreme overclocking then! Madshrimps presents you the first extreme LN2 overclocking cooling unit review; made by world´s most known overclocker: K|ngp|n!

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Cooling performance - Superzero behavior

Superzero behavior

In the contrary to what you probably expected to see, we start off with a test with temperatures above 0°C. We booted the system at 3GHz and 1.5v and checked the temperatures going up from 25°C each minute.
  • 200x15 = 3GHz
  • +200mV = 1.5v
  • System idles on Windows desktop
  • CPU temperature read-out with the DFI Smart ITE Smart Guardian (verified with Speedfan)
  • Base temperature read-out with Fluke 51 II
  • We start the measurement when the CPU is at 25°C
Madshrimps (c)

The Dragon F1 seems to be able to hold the 'load' much, much better than the custom made container of Troman, most likely to the copper mass of the Dragon F1. Since the base of the custom container doesn't consist of a lot of copper, the container heats up faster than the F1, which makes it harder to keep the temperatures of the CPU down. The heat-up works in fact both ways: the processor heats up, so the container becomes warmer. But, the warmer the container is, the more difficult it is to absorb heat coming from the processor and cool it down.

Note that the custom container only has four data points whereas the Dragon F1 has five. The reason is very simple: the system has shut itself down to prevent the processor from getting damaged. After all, the temperature of the processor was beyond 80°C!
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