Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by jmke @ 2008-09-19

A new high end heatsink comes to the market, this direct touch heatpipe from Sunbeamtech is equipped with a 120mm fan and aims to deliver excellent price/performance balance. Let´s put it through our load test.

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Performance & Conclusive Thoughts

Performance Results

In the chart below we have added a few descriptions after each heatsink’s name to tell you how we tested them.
  • We hooked the fan up to a Zalman Fanmate2 which gives 11V at “@ High” and 5V at “@ Low”.
  • +Stock” means tested with the fan included with the heatsink, “+Papst” or “+NCB” or “+Delta” or “+Delta 3200rpm” means respectively that the heatsink is tested with a 120mm Papst fan, 120mm NCB Globalwin fan, Delta 92mm or Delta 120mm High Speed fan.
Let’s compare the performance of the Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer to the Tuniq Tower 120, Thermalright Ultra-120, Scythe Ninja and OCZ Vendetta 2

Madshrimps (c)

With the stock fan the Freezer performs quite nicely, at high speed the fan is far from silent but temperatures are able to come close to Ultra-120 from Thermalright. At low fan speed the included 120mm fan is quite silent, CPU temp goes up by 5°C, compared to the NCB fan from Globalwin, Sunbeamtech made an excellent choice by including this fan, the louder NCB @ High is only 1°C cooler. At Low speed setting the NCB is silent but temperature goes up by ~5°C.

Now if we compare performance with the reference NCB fan we see the Freezer trail Tower 120 both at high/low speed setting, the difference is small, but it’s there. Compared to the OCZ Vendetta 2 the Freezer is ~2°C hotter.

If you like to compare the performance of the Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer to other heatsinks we tested in the past, please use the selection menu below:

Conclusive Thoughts

At a retail price of $45 the Core-Contact Freezer is far from cheap, it’s a high performance heatsink and will be judged as one. The included fan is top quality as it allows you to run performance/noise level from loud to silent. When compared to similar technology the Freezer is a few degrees hotter, the older Tuniq Tower 120 is able to best the Freezer in our tests, you might have read another outcome at another site, but testing inside a case does tend to lead to different results compared to an open bench system.

Overall the Core-Contact Freezer from Sunbeamtech almost manages to match the performance of the Tuniq Tower 120 at lower fan speed, while at high fan speed it tends to trail the pack. With a different mounting (using all 4 S775 mounting holes) the outcome might be different.

Madshrimps (c)

We thank Sunbeamtech for allowing us to test the Freezer CPU Cooler, until next time!
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