Geforce 9500 GT SLI vs Geforce 9600 GT Performance Comparison

Videocards/VGA Reviews by massman @ 2008-09-10

Not too long ago NVIDIA launched their new entry level video card, the Geforce 9500 GT. Today we take a closer look at what extra performance can be had when you add a second card in your system; we compare the performance of the 9500 GT in SLI to a single 9600 GT.

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Test setup and methodology

Test setup

9500GT Test Setup

Madshrimps (c)
CPU Intel Core 2 E8500 (from Madshrimps (c))
Cooling Stock Aluminum Intel Heatsink
  • MSI P45 Platinum
  • MSI P7N Sli Platinum
  • Memory 2 * 1GB PC6400 Micron Technology
  • Galaxy OC 9500GT
  • Leadtek Winfast PX9500 GT
  • Tagan 520W PSU
  • Western Digital 320Gb SATA HDD
  • Windows XP SP3 Dutch

  • Methodology: benchmarks

    To compare all motherboards, we used the following benchmarks:

  • 3DMark2001SE
  • 3DMark03
  • 3DMark05
  • 3DMark06
  • Aquamark3

  • Trackmania Nations
  • Quake4

    Methodology: settings

    To run the SLI tests we used the exact same settings as we did when testing the Galaxy and Leadtek cards separately, however this time on an 750i motherboard. Now, we did NOT re-test the single card test conditions on this 750i motherboard and that for a very good reason: when you intend to only use one videocard, you have other and better options than a 750i or even more expensive 780i/790i motherboard, namely the P35 or other derivative products. Therefor it's more valid to run the tests on these two different systems configurations.

    Please note that the OS configuration, VGA driver and all other test settings such as memory timings were kept identical.

    Madshrimps (c)
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