Auras TwinW SMF660 Intel CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by jmke @ 2008-09-19

This compact Intel S775 heatsink 3 heat pipes and a 92mm fan squeezed between two aluminum columns. It promises good performance at acceptable noise levels. Let us find out if these claims are true and compare it to 46 CPU coolers we tested in the past.

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Performance & Conclusive Thoughts

Performance Results

In the chart below we have added a few descriptions after each heatsink’s name to tell you how we tested them.
  • We hooked the fan up to a Zalman Fanmate2 which gives 11V at “@ High” and 5V at “@ Low”.
  • +Stock” means tested with the fan included with the heatsink, “+Papst” or “+NCB” or “+Delta” or “+Delta 3200rpm” means respectively that the heatsink is tested with a 120mm Papst fan, 120mm NCB Globalwin fan, Delta 92mm or Delta 120mm High Speed fan.
Let’s compare the performance of the Auras TwinW SMF-660 with the three Intel stock coolers as well as the Coolermaster Hyper TX which is similarly sized:

Madshrimps (c)

With the build in 92mm at high speed the TwinW delivers very respectable performance numbers, 52°C under load at 46.7dBA noise level, it’s very close the Hyper TX in the performance/noise balance and better than the Intel coolers at same noise level.

Its small size however did prove fatal when fan speed was reduced, the system overheated as the surface area of the TwinW was insufficient to properly remove the generated heat.

If you like to compare the performance of the Auras TwinW SMF-660 to other heatsinks we tested in the past, please use the selection menu below:

Conclusive Thoughts

At an estimated retail price of $22 the Auras TwinW offers a nice alternative to the Intel stock coolers; performance is noticeable better while noise levels are similar in worse case scenario.

The include 92mm fan will work with 4-pin PWM autofan control, when forcing the fan to run at low speed though the test system overheated, this cooler is not meant for high end high wattage CPUs.

Overall the TwinW did not disappoint, at the given price point it can make a nice candidate for a low-midrange system. Enthusiasts should steer clear though.

Madshrimps (c)

We thank Auras for allowing us to test the TwinW CPU Cooler, until next time!
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Comment from Massman @ 2008/09/19
Full comparison chart: