OCZ Rally2 32Gb USB Stick Review

Storage/Other by jmke @ 2008-07-09

We are testing the largest USB drive in such a compact form today. Packing 32Gb this OCZ Rally2 promises high performance and high capacity. It comes in classy black with fancy activity LED and carrying strap..

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Conclusive Thoughts

Conclusive Thoughts

It was only a few years ago that Western Digital introduces a high speed HDD with 36Gb capacity. Today we can carry around 32Gb of data on a small USB drive. While the OCZ Rally2 does not match the performance of the aforementioned HDD; it does have the major benefit of portability.

Price wise the 32Gb OCZ Rally2 will be out of reach for most mainstream users, at <$120 @ Newegg / <€100 @ Geizhals it’s not quite a steal. If you combine four of their 8Gb Rally2 sticks you’ll end up at the same price, but will need more space to carry them around.

If you’re looking for an insane amount of removable storage space which can be carried around on your keychain it doesn’t get better than the OCZ Rally2. It’s designed to last and with a lifetime warranty does give you good value for your money. If however you can’t imagine how you’ll ever be able to use a 32Gb stick, it would be wiser to save a few dollars/euro and get a smaller sized USB drive.

The Rally2 has an average write speed but very speedy read speed; so keep that in mind if you plan on filling/emptying that 32Gb of storage space often. If you’re looking for faster write speed the Rally2 Turbo will be better suited, but there you’ll hit a limit of 8Gb.

Recommended for

OCZ Rally2 32Gb USB Stick:
+ Compact and Sturdy Design
+ Okay price (4x8GB Rally2)
+ High Read Performance
+ 32Gb of storage space
- USB connector cap might get lost
- Average Write Performance

We thank Tobias from OCZ for making this review possible.
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