Crysis Custom Config Boosts Performance and Image Quality

Others/Miscelleneous by jmke @ 2008-07-04

Crysis is a system hog no doubt about that, so when we come across a fan community made custom config tool which allows you increase the in-game image quality and improve performance, it is definitely worth sharing.

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Test Setup, Benchmark, Movies

Test Setup & Benchmarks

Our gaming rig is a rather dated setup compared to today’s standards. An Intel 975 motherboard with E6400 CPU (overclocked to 2.8Ghz) and Geforce 8800 GTX, 2Gb OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400.

We ran the game at 1600x1200 which seemed to offer us the best balance between screen resolutions and performance numbers.

Intel Test Setup
CPU Intel Core 2 E6400 @ 2.8Ghz (from CSMSA)
Cooling Coolermaster Hyper TX
Mainboard Intel 975X Bad Axe (Modded by Piotke)
Memory 2 * 1Gb PC6400 OCZ
  • XFX Geforce 8800 GTX
  • Coolermaster Real Power M520 520W PSU
  • 2x Western Digital 74Gb Raptor SATA HDD
  • NZXT Tempest ATX Case

  • We ran the build-in GPU benchmark of Crysis to compare the performance after the modification was installed. We configured these options:

  • Standard Config, Everything set to High
  • Modded LVL4 with Time Of Day enabled
  • Modded LVL4 without Time Of Day
  • Modded LVL3 with Time Of Day enabled
  • Modded LVL3 without Time Of Day

    And here are the results:

    Madshrimps (c)

    Image quality wise the LVL4 setting equals the High Quality in-game; as you can see the minimum FPS is boosted quite a bit; disabling the TOD mod also boosts performance at LVL4. However at LVL3 this change did not have a measurable impact. While LVL3 is noticeably using lower resolutions textures, it does run a lot smoother, still even with LVL4 and TOD enabled gameplay was more than enjoyable.

    The screenshot on the previous page do not really show how big the impact is of the TOD mod, so what better way than to put into a movie? In the two videos below you can see the difference. If you start both movies simultaneously, both characters will try their best to keep the same game path ;-)

    Crysis Default HQ

    Crysis LVL4 with TOD mod

    You can find a discussion thread about this modification at inCrysis forums. Where users with midrange 8800 GT cards have reported more impressive gains.

    8800 GT - 1280x1024
  • Default High: 19fps/42fps (min/avg)
  • LVL4 w.TOD: 41fps/64fps (min/avg)

  • Let us know your experience with this modification in the forums!
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    Comment from UltimaRage @ 2008/07/08
    Thanks for posting up this article. I am one of the creators of the CCC. I created the Time of Day's, and our new CCC 2.0 will be releasing soon. I'll be sure to have someone let you know about it if you want to check it out. I've already finished the 2.0 ToD's, just waiting on everyone else to complete their parts.

    The new Time of Day is a gigantic improvement over 1.31, but it still keeps the darker nights the CCC is known for. I've paid close attention to every aspect this time around. Colorgrading adds a hint of saturation which makes any given scene come to life. SSAO accurately shadows objects very realistically. Scenes are more vibrant and life-like, and our new shadow settings are no-longer ultra-sharp to give a more realistic feel. They also perform better as well.

    Hope you've enjoyed the CCC, as it's only going to get better.

    Oh, one more thing. This time around, we have three new Delta difficulty tweaks which makes the enemy more responsive, alert, a bit more accurate, and it all just adds up to a more challenging and rewarding experience.
    Comment from jmke @ 2008/07/08
    hey there welcome to the forums. Saw that this article was linked in the original thread @ InCrysis. Thank you for dropping by; we're surely interested in checking out the new version once it's been beta tested
    Comment from Cuban_Legend @ 2008/07/10
    Hi guys I also decided to drop by, if you've looked at the Incrysis thread, then I need no introduction.

    I was glad to hear you guys reviewed our Team's Crysis Mod so concisely and very honestly! That gesture is very much appreciated, even considering its going on 3 months since our last version update has been released. :/

    Its already at the 95% completion and is awaiting only minor additions to be sent off to our programmer, Arch, to be put together and then tested by us and our Beta testers alike. Then to be released on our usual Filefront page...

    As you know, our team would be honored to have you guys review our upcoming version of this mod!
    Comment from jmke @ 2008/07/10
    Hey CB keep us informed!
    the reason we picked this mod up only 3 months after release is because we were informed by a reader of its existence
    Comment from Cuban_Legend @ 2008/08/01
    Hey there fellas! We've had a lot of hype covering our latest RELEASE! [CCC] 2.21 over at the Incrysis an Crymod Forums!

    For 1-2 weeks now we've had a thread open with Benchmarks and comparison Screenshots over at Incrysis!

    Plus we just release about 4 hours ago! Response has been great so far!

    And just as you guys asked, here is the long-awaited DL link to the NEW CCC!

    Can't wait to see you guys review this one, and PROVE THE HYPE IN REAL!
    Comment from jmke @ 2008/08/01
    thanks for the heads-up on the latest reviews; is there a document available detailing the differences between this version and the previous one? What changes were made?
    Comment from Cuban_Legend @ 2008/08/02
    Originally Posted by jmke View Post
    thanks for the heads-up on the latest reviews; is there a document available detailing the differences between this version and the previous one? What changes were made?
    If you check our Thread on InCrysis, POST #4 on PAGE #1 contains a thorough "Change Log & Bug Fixes".

    Its also available in the "DO NOT READ ME!.txt", contained inside the CCC 2.21 download.

    Comment from jmke @ 2008/08/03
    - Back by Popular Demand "Custom Ultra-Sharp Shadows Algorithm!
    - NEW Hybrid HDR! Mixing [CCC] HDR with Luxus Silentium atmospheric settings! Courtesy of Taowolf51!
    - NEW Realistically Rendered Shadows! Done by Assassin47!
    - NEW More Efficient Shadow Optimizations! Done by Assassin47!
    - NEW More optimized LVLS 1 & 2!
    - NEW Improved, Optimized and 100% UNIQUE TOD, by our very own UltimaRage!
    - NEW AI Delta Difficulty Tweak by The_Assassin_47!
    - NEW AI Delta Difficulty Tweak by Doomlord52!

    * [INCLUDING]:
    ~ The "Goodies" folder installed into your main Crysis directory now includes:
    ~ "Beginner User Config" (give descriptions of what certain lines do and these descriptions are in the .cfg itself.)
    ~ Cvar Charts by MADBORIS (in Excel spreadsheet & image format)
    ~ NEW Custom Time of Day file; developed by Ultima:
    ~ Unparalleled Realism and Playability to Crysis never seen before.
    ~ Improved Night Time via new subtle "grain" effect.
    ~ Optimized Screen-Space-Ambient-Occlusion (SSAO) Effect
    ~ 90% Eliminated Gun/Arm Glow (SSAO side effect)
    ~ Slightly more Enhanced Colorgrading Effect (when turned on)
    ~ More balanced Overall Visuals

    * [OPTIMIZED]:
    - Improved/Realistically Rendered Shadows across all LVLs.
    - Optimized the Old CCC Original "Ultra-Sharp" Shadows, bringing them back as well.
    - LVLs 1-2 Framerates Stabilized (Optimized/Increased) Further.
    is bolded part related to enemy AI?
    Comment from Cuban_Legend @ 2008/08/03
    Originally Posted by jmke View Post
    is bolded part related to enemy AI?
    It's partly related to The enhanced realism brought by the superb lighting in the TODs and the new atmosphere. In some levels we decided to make a move in a slightly alternate ambient direction for a more real/cinematic feel. In some level even the lighting is done so well, you can notice things/things catch your eye that never did before.

    But that bolded section also refers to how different the game is played with the Optional AI tweaks.

    BTW a little FYI when comparing stock to [CCC]LVLS:

    The CCC nearest equivalents to Stock are as follows:

    -LVL1 ~ Stock Medium
    -LVL2 ~ Stock Medium/Stock High Mix
    -LVL3 ~ Stock High
    -LVL4 ~ Stock Very High
    -LVL5 ~ Stock Very High (identical to LVL4) + PostProcessing (POM, Colorgrading, Motionblur, Depth of Feild, etc)
    -LVL6 ~ ONLY for TESTING, not for use! (GRAPHICS needlessly 100% maxed)