The 12th Anniversary of Yeah Write! the Easy to Use Writing Tool

Others/Miscelleneous by BillHill @ 2008-06-30

Yeah Write is a paradigmatic, small, fast writing tool that has eased my efforts for years. Let´s see how it has progressed over those years. WordPace is celebrating the 12th anniversary of YW! this year.

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Where is my WISSY - Conclusive Thoughts & History

Where’s my Wissy?:

YW! is NOT WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get and it’s pronounced wissywig). The final formatting is applied when you go to the Print window.

The pic above shows the “Print” window for a sample letter. (click to zoom)

There you can choose a different font for the printed doc from the one you used in the editing window. That means you can write in a font that is easy for you to see and print in a font appropriate to your doc. on the printed page. Margins can also be adjusted and you can choose from a list of overall layout options suited to the document type - full justification is also available here (in the full version), some layout options for the General docs are: Block, Book, Book double spaced, etc. All the while you are changing options in the Print window a rough image of the doc will appear which reflects the changes as you make them, but even that is not exactly how it will look on paper - use Print Preview to get the best feel for the end product. The options to choose a printer and/or alter your printer’s settings are also available in the Print window. Only one font can be used in the editing page and one for the printed doc with the normal options of Bold, Italic, Underline, HTML, super- and subscript, etc. Center and Flush right formatting can also be applied in the editing area. Some will see this as limiting, but if you’re like me, you’ll find that it frees the creative process from the technical minutia.

Conclusive Notes & History:

Since I started with small confusers back around 1980, the ability to work with words on the PC has progressed from ordinary text editors (similar to Notepad) through Electric Pencil and on to the complexities of WordStar, Word, WordPerfect or OpenOffice of today. Word Place, Inc was founded by Pete Peterson, the former Executive Vice President of Word Perfect. The first version of Yeah Write was released in June of 1996. Yeah Write was dreamt up by Pete as well. Pete felt that word processors truly do not need to be complicated and he was dissatisfied with the way the word processing programs of the day were headed toward ever-increasing complexity.

They created their first product, Yeah Write!, so they could work with words in a more natural way, and with little or no training needed. While a huge industry has developed simply to train people in the use of the Word-type programs. Even the simplest and lightest of these like Abi Word are still orders of magnitude more complex than YW! On the rare occasion you might need something beyond YW!’s capability, you can export your docs in several formats including RichText and WordPerfect 5.1 (which most of the complex programs can import while preserving some of your formatting) as well as into a raw text file.

Today, WordPlace offers several other programs and services as well as Yeah Write!: Fun Write! - basically YW! for kids with Tabs for “Assignments”, "Book Reports" etc.; Daily Grammar (an eMail service for improving their readers' grammar skills - great for your school-age kids and even us adult victims of the public school system and finally Life Forms for helping you journal your fitness program. You can also read an article titled “Almost Perfect” which is mister Peterson’s take on the rise and fall of WordPerfect Inc (originally Satellite Software).

Enjoy the freedom - download your copy and the supporting files you need today - HERE!

This final screen shot shows the "Notes Tab” with optional Color settings underway.

The picture above helps demonstrate how WordPlace packed so much into those 1.04 Megabytes. They make heavy use of the tools that are already present in the Windows Graphical User Interface, so they didn’t have to include it in the program code itself .

And thanks to the folks at WordPlace for their help with this review and for allowing the use of some of their screen shots in it. You can go to their Web site (linked above) to see more screen shots and learn more about Yeah Write! and their other products.

This article is (c) in the USA in June 2008 by W.A. (Bill) Hill. Any Intellectual Property belonging to others such as trademarks, etc. are used under the “Fair Use” provisions of US Copyright law. It has been published on MadShrimps with permission of the author.
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