Super Talent Pico-C 8Gb Micro USB Stick Review

Storage/Other by jmke @ 2008-07-04

A 6 gram USB drive not much larger than a fingernail, with room for up to 8Gb of data. Super*Talent has designed a stylish device which claims up to 30Mb/s read speed. Let see what it is made of.

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Conclusive Thoughts

Conclusive Thoughts

We are quite impressed from the get-go with the Super*Talent Pico USB drive; they managed to squeeze up to 8Gb of data storage into a compact and robust enclosure which passed through our stress tests undamaged; however the metal chain used to hook up the USB drive was less impressive and should be swapped out for a stronger model (or use a nylon string).

Looks wise this is the definitely the most sexy key to grace our keychain yet. We got tons of remarks on it, from both sexes. The Pico wouldn’t look bad as decoration on a necklace.

Madshrimps (c)

Of course its diminutive size is both a positive and negative. On the upside this drive takes up hardly any room and weighs practically nothing. On the downside this drive is so compact that if you happen to drop/misplace it somewhere you might not find it again. When the Pico’s chain snapped it fell under a car seat, it took quite some time to find and retrieve it.

Overall though it’s hard not be impressed by this device; available at a competitive price of $30/€35 for the 8Gb version ($17 for 4Gb, $10 for 2Gb). The fact that its also shows impressive read speed results (yet average write speeds) is icing on the cake.

Super*Talent Pico-C Recommended for

+ Extremely Compact
+ Very Durable Design
+ Competitively Priced
+ High Performance for Read instructions
- Extremely Compact (can get lost)
- Included metal chain not very strong
- Average Write Performance

We thank Amy at Super*Talent for making this review possible.
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