Xirex Liquid Cooling Starter Set Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by geoffreyleeghoofd @ 2008-12-29

Xirex launched a €90 all-in-one water cooling kit, it comes with a 120mm radiator, 12v pump, nicely polished water block and all the tubing and extra gear to get it installed in a wink of an eye. We compare its performance to a more expensive Swiftech water cooling kit, as well as some popular air cooled heatsinks. Read on to find out if this is kit any good.

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Introduction & Inside the box


Watercoolers are a dying breed, but not for Xirex Liquidcooling, a new company started by former Aquacooling personnel. Few months back @ CEBIT they introduced us with a low-end watercooling kit specially designed to compete with the various high-end heatpipe coolers which sell like hot cookies nowadays. At a price lower then € 100 you get all the mandatory components to go liquid and price/performance wise it looks definitely like one of the better kits we've seen last few years. But will it be able to challenge the high-end air market, we found it .

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As part from the Rombus group, Xirex Liquidcooling department is committed in designing and manufacturing the best quality liquid cooling products, addressing a new market segment which is rapidly growing and is demanding products with high cooling performance, noise reduction and easiness of use/installation. Their target is not to only cover the liquid cooling market, Xirex deals with all issues regarding the cooling for Office-PCs, High-End-PCs, Gaming-PCs up to server cooling. This offer is rounded by an extensive range of products, from the automatic, freely scalable fan control up to LCD-displays to use the assigned components forceful and effective.

Few months back we visited Xirex Liquidcooling at their boot at Cebit 2008, we already had a view back then on their upcoming liquid cooling starter set:

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Finished units are slowly finding their ways to retailers and as we speak you should be able to find their products at various online shops in the EU. Please look at the Xirex site if you want to find out more about product availability.

Inside the box

At a price lower then € 90 don't suspect nothing more then the basic watercooling gear:

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  • Xirex Blizzard CPU waterblock
  • Xirex 120PRO Radiator + 120mm fan + fan grill
  • Xirex Pump
  • Xirex clear tubing 10/8mm
  • Refilling syringe
  • Waterblock mounting kit
  • Radiator/fan mounting bolts
  • Instruction manual
  • 2x 90° fittings
  • pump dampening/fixing material

    Let's have a closer look on the kits main components ->
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    Comment from Oberon @ 2008/12/30
    On the second page, I believe to mean the "D-Tek Fusion" instead of "Danger Den Fusion".

    Good review all around, however.
    Comment from jmke @ 2008/12/30
    thank you for the correction