Passive CPU Coolers ShoutOut: CM Z600 vs Scythe Ninja CU

Cooling/CPU Cooling by jmke @ 2008-05-21

In this comparative performance test we put two 1000gr+ CPU coolers through our stress tests to see which one comes out on top. Both are designed for passive cooling but can benefit from a bit of forced airflow too. How to they compare to the other 40 heatsinks we tested before? Let´s find out

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Coolermaster Z600 - Specs and In the Box

Coolermaster Hyper Z600

Coolermaster is the big daddy when it comes to PC component cooling, they are partners with NVIDIA for designing their reference VGA coolers and they have OEM partners by the dozen who use Coolermaster products in plenty of retail products.

With this steady revenue stream they allow themselves to be a bit more eccentric in the enthusiast market; in the introduction we mentioned that Thermalright gained quite a bit of popularity with their SP-94 Intel heatsink… well Coolermaster had their own killer product back in 2004… wonder if this description sounds familiar, quote from our review of the Hyper6:

The king is dead, long live the king! It took 6 heat pipes and 1kg of copper but Cooler Master pulled it off and brought us an SP-94 killer. The sheer size is daunting and this heatsink is targeted directly at the enthusiasts who are looking for the best of the best.

The first in the Hyper series, was the Hyper6, it was one of the first Tower CPU coolers and as you can see it meant business. Fast forward 4 years later and they are back with the Hyper Z600, a beast of a cooler which is much larger in dimension that the original Hyper6 and also weighs slightly over 1000gram. Does it have what it takes? Let’s start at the beginning: packaging:

Madshrimps (c)

Simplicity is king, a very clean design of the retail box, a very large logo of Coolermaster at the front which shows you to a topview of the cooler inside… but wait that logo is really shiny and bumpy, could it be…

Madshrimps (c)

Talk about fancy packaging, the logo at the front is actually pasted onto the cardboard box to really show you “bump-mapping”.


Madshrimps (c)

No fan specs available as the Hyper Z600 ships without fan included, designed for low noise it can be used fanless and Coolermaster wants you to know it. The cooler is taller and bigger than the Scythe Ninja CU in dimension, but uses a combination of aluminum fins and copper heatpipes/base to reduce weight.

In the Box

Madshrimps (c)

Inside the box you’ll find everything needed to get this heatsink installed, and then some:

  • One big Hyper Z600 Heatsink
  • Installation manual in 18 languages!
  • Mounting material for AMD/Intel platforms
  • A tube of thermal paste
  • 2 pair of plastic fan mounting clips

    This package is complete, a thermal paste tube which can be reused when you reinstall the cooler later on, the fan mounting clips are simply genius, the work very well and easy, but more on that later.

    Let’s take a closer look at the new Hyper Z600 ->
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    Comment from Stida @ 2008/05/23
    Nice review.
    I've got a Ninja CU, but it's a bit difficult to mount 2 fans on it.
    the 'pull' fan touches the cu fins with it's blades...

    For the rest: great heatsink!
    Comment from jmke @ 2008/05/23
    put two strips (cardboard, foam) at each two sides of the fan between fan||heatsink that should clear up the space; shouldn't be much, 1-2mm is enough.