Silverstone MS05 External 2.5inch SATA HDD Enclosure Review

Storage/Other by BillHill @ 2008-04-22

Today we focus on the SST-MS05 from Silverstone which is the latest in their external drive enclosure line which includes an internal docking bay (requires a free 3.5inch external bay or a 5.25inch bay adapter).

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Introduction & Packaging


Over the past several years Silverstone has branched out into product categories other than their core computer case lines. It has sold high quality Power Supplies for some time - a fitting complement to the case line. Now they are into cooling with fans and heat sinks, add-on storage devices, front panel add-ons like multifunction fan controllers and accessories including adapter brackets with the latest being the perforated PCI slot covers that appeared on several of their recent cases (now sold separately).

Soon to come will be the CFP52 "Kublai Kage" (4 in 3 hard drive rack which can be made hot pluggable/swappable). Today I'm focusing on the SST-MS05 which is the latest in their external drive enclosure line which includes an internal docking bay (requires a free 3.5" external bay or a 5.25" bay adapter). I have the silver version for review and it is also available in black. I tend to like silver models for review as the photos can more easily reveal the details.

Here are stock photos of the MS05 in both colors.
Madshrimps (c)


The packaging of the product in a simple, vacuum-formed plastic clamshell with paperboard inserts for graphics (the blue-green color scheme is typical of many SST accessory items) and description details is fairly conservative of packaging materials (only about 90 grams of packaging) relative to, say the Cooler Master 110 CFM fan kit's 130 grams. The clamshell is not electronically sealed, so access is easy - you won't require the "jaws of life" to get in there. It's nice to see some companies helping to reduce waste even when it costs them a more imposing presence on store shelves.

As the unit is very basic mechanically, it doesn't require much damage protection anyway. A shopper can see the entire drive enclosure while the docking bay and miscellaneous parts are hidden within a paper shroud which also has graphics and product info on the visible sides of it.

Madshrimps (c)

The enclosure is a very clean and simple design. It is mainly a thick and sturdy aluminum extrusion - a Silverstone custom on many of its products - with a steel drive tray. The logo is engraved into the thick aluminum and filled with black on the silver version and left shiny on the black one - it's not just painted or silk-screened on there. The nacelle is a plastic piece finished to complement the brushed aluminum of the housing. It is fastened to the drive tray and is used as a grip to help pull the enclosure from the docking bay.
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