COOLINK Typhoon Copper Liquid Block for S478 processors

Cooling/Water Cooling by biCker @ 2003-09-10

Heck, my 3 months sabbat is over... Time to start doing some reviews again! The first victim of my reviewing skills will be the Cool Typhoon Copper Liquid Block (Water Block). This is a waterblock produced by Coolink

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Well for starters this review, like all the other reviews I did, is a rather short and to the point one.
Some people may like it, some won't but I don't care because when I need information about some hardware component, I don't care about the chit-chat, I just want to see the bare performance results!

So without further postponing:


Madshrimps (c) Since this water block is keeping my cpu cool at a nice stable OC and almost noiseless (someone out there who needs a water cooled PSU reviewed? :-) ) this became my personal favorite.

Madshrimps (c) The nice and easy to use clamping system makes this block easy to install even for the water cooling newbie...
Madshrimps (c) A good looking big plexi cover over the water block will please all you casemodders out there, just use some UV reactive cooling fluid and in combination with a black light it gives a really nice effect!

Madshrimps (c)


Madshrimps (c) Well I couldn't find any, maybe temperatures could be lower, however again this could be due to the generic thermal paste that was used (I had no AS/PCM+/Shin-Etsu lying around, and I was too anxious to test out this water block!).


If you are looking for a good looking AND performing water block, take Coolink Typhoon into consideration next time you go shopping for water cooling components!

If you are in the US you can find the Coolink @ Frozen CPU
While Xtreme Tek Werkz is the dedicated distributor for Europe!

So… “That's all folks”, I hope you found this review useful and stay tuned since I’m testing a Hydrocool 200 from Corsair at the moment and, who knows, maybe I'll add an extra page to this article and set it up against the Coolink Typhoon ;)

I would like to thank Frank from Xtreme Tek Werkz for making this review possible.

Madshrimps (c)

Questions and comments: This thread @ our forums

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