Silence = Golden: Silent PC Project

Cooling/CPU Cooling by Bosw8er @ 2003-06-24

How to fit a complete PC setup into small closet and make it really really quiet!

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No space, no noise and loads of problems

As I’ve moved, my pc, my desk and myself have moved into wardrobe furniture. Yeah, yeah ... very funny. I bet you don't have kids running around that will actually demolish everything in their path. The wardrobe is needed to protect the goods. And besides, I adjusted everything myself and it's actually a good workplace.

  • Problem 1
    Problem is that the "free" depth of the closet is max 55 cm. I now have a Chieftec of 47 cm depth and it only fits sideways because i need about 10 cm for the cords that stick out of it (for example: ATI 8500dv + adapter + monitor connector).

    Madshrimps (c)

    I can’t count the times I bumped my head while trying to put a CD in the tray, I even considered wearing a helmet. So I need a new case that is maximum 45cm deep so I can put it straight, access my CD-player easier and have more room to stretch my legs. Bonus would be some front USB and firewire for my camera.
    And besides, it just looks dumb to put my PC sideways being a HW – enthusiast. I still have some pride left.

  • Problem 2
    The Chieftec case is fairly quiet. All fans are Papst fans which i consider one of the most silent brands. But it isn’t like whisper-quiet. You can still hear it from 5-6 meters away in a silent environment. As I work late, I get distracted by the noise … the more you concentrate on it, the louder it gets. I could buy some silent Via mini box which doesn't produce any noise at all, but i need a lot of horsepower for video - editing so that's no option.

    Madshrimps (c)
    Right Click Save file as...

  • Problem 3
    Heat! As i'm into silent air-sytems I don't use high RPM fans, resulting in more heat ofcourse. And besides, it’s too cramped in the Chieftec and that also results in heat.

    Madshrimps (c)

    I hope a bigger case will help in transferring the heat. Only choice when you are looking for a bigger case that is not deep is a maxi-tower.
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