P4 2.4B-2.4C with 865PE-875P vs AXP 2500+ with nForce2

CPU by Zroc @ 2003-05-12

With the newly released Springdale (865PE) and Canterwood (875P) motherboards and 800FSB P4?s, intel has taken a huge leap in both stock speed and overclockability. Will this crush the competition - the very affordable nForce2 + Barton combo - or are PAT, Hyperthreading, integrated S-ATA, and Gigabit lan just buzz words?

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> Clockspeed + FSB scaling

Clockspeed + FSB scaling...

Madshrimps (c)

PHEAR my mighty hyperthreaded dual-channel P4 1.6GHz!!! Man, that benchrun felt like an oldschool timewarp. Glad it didn't last long.

This represents a 50% overclock for both procs, both equal clockspeeds and FSB's. Again, in each percentage column is each benchmark's benefit, with the Composite being the average. The Efficiency percentage is the composite percentage gains divided by the actual overclock, 50%. Cool, eh?

Both are quite efficient...the P4 gained a little more. I think what we're seeing here is the P4's longer pipeline starting to pay off. While it's not so good at low clockspeeds, it gets better as you ramp it up.
Note those 3DMarks...this is telling us it's time for bigger, badder video cards. The next 'leap' is going to have to come from our friends at nvidia and ATI. This becomes painfully obvious as the CPU clockspeed rises.

Let's break it down even further...
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