Eluminx Keyboard Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by jmke @ 2003-05-23

We take a look at the latest product from Auravision, the EluminX. It comes equipped with a set of transparent keys and a backlight for those who work on their PCs during the graveyard shift.

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Gaming & Conclusion

Madshrimps (c)

Houston we have a problem:

Although the keyboard worked flawless for me while typing on it the past 2 weeks, I did encounter some problems when it came down to gaming. As the layout resembles that of a laptop a lot, it becomes a finger-stretching exercise to hit the right key at the right time in high action paced games like UT2003 or GTA3. Remapping some keys did help somewhat, but the arrow keys (which I use most for manoeuvring in games) are located at the bottom of the keyboard, causing me some frustrations in game.

Madshrimps (c)

Of course not everyone will encounter these problems as it mostly depends on how you are used to playing games with your keyboard/mouse setup. People who use the numeric pad or the alphanumeric part of the keyboard won't experience the hick-ups I've had.

I hope they plan to release a full-sized Eluminx keyboard, as this would certainly improve the gaming experience for me :)

Second Opinion

After using the keyboard for some time I also hooked it up to the "family" PC in the living room, all the reactions I got were very positive, typing e-mails or filling out your taxes (yep online :) ) was never so easy.

The whole PC is built into furniture with a keyboard tray that can slide out, when there is little or no light it becomes very hard to type as most of my family members don’t know how to type blindly. With the aid of the Eluminx Keyboard they had no trouble whatsoever finding the right keys!

Madshrimps (c)
Wired to the "Family" PC


The Eluminx is a high quality product which will please a lot of people, not only does it provide you with a none-disturbing backlight in the dark, it is also very light and will fit even the smallest desktops! Typing goes fluently and the keys have a solid feel to them. A joy to work with as long as you don't use the arrow keys for gaming!

High Quality Product
Great illumination effect
Very light and small
Almost too easy to install, works with virtually any PC
No standoffs to change the height of the keyboard
Compact layout places arrow keys in uncomfortable spot when used for gaming
no PS2>USB connector included

I would like to thank Gunther at AuraVision Europe for giving us the opportunity to test this unique product!

Questions and comments can be dropped in this thread at the forums.
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