Seagate 750GB Recertified Hard Drive Review

Storage/HDD by SidneyWong @ 2008-02-20

Today a 1000GB hard drive is commonly available for the power users while a few months back 750GB was the largest capacity. Although hard drive failure is low at less than 2 percent, certified repaired hard drive could be had for much less. stocks both new and certified repaired hard drives; and if backing up your data and system are your priorities after HDD failure, a second large capacity HD may be your best friend.

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Bear in mind, it is not how much you get; it is how much you could save. A large capacity hard drive does not necessarily mean you work twice as hard, or having the most software or having the highest oc'ed record, or the coolest rig around town. It is the ability to have enough capacity to backup so that in case we screw up the system, we don't have to lose everything.

Along with a high capacity hard drive, an easy to operate backup software means more than some of us would think. Well, until that day comes when I could hear you scream two city blocks away that your hard drive went "nuts" along with your term papers or annual budget due tomorrow.

Perhaps, a little investment into a high capacity 750GB hard drive, external enclosure and good backup software may be the way to spend your tax return this year. So, drop by, they carry lots of Hard Drives and External Enclosures.

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The bottom line:

Inexpensive insurance
Fast average read speed
Low price

Shortened warranty period

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Comment from Sidney @ 2008/03/14
Comment from jmke @ 2008/03/14
that's quite a bit of value for money, put two in RAID 1 for security and fast read speeds