Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 45nm Wolfdale CPU Review

CPU by massman @ 2008-02-11

We take a closer look at the fastest dual core CPU from Intel, the E8500, dubbed Wolfdale, is manufactured at 45nm which translates in low power usage and excellent potential for overclocking. We compare the performance of this newcomer to a 65nm Core 2 Duo and overclock past the limit using LN2. Read on to find out if we froze the Wolf!

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Rendering benchmarks


Cinebench is widely known for its requirement for high stability. This application renders an image and uses all the CPU cores that are available to do so.

Madshrimps (c)

Nothing less than we expected, the E8500 is faster than the E6300 and not even a little bit. Overclock this CPU to 3,5Ghz and it's twice (!) as fast as a stock E6300.

Techarp X264 bench

This benchmark has been introduced to me by Piotke, who used it in his QX9650 review. Using multiple cores it gives us quite a decent view on how fast our setup can decode short DVD-MPEG2 video clip into an X264 clip.

Madshrimps (c)

The E8500 is faster at same clocks and has the advantage of being capable of running at frequencies a 65nm can only dream of.

Let's move on to the overclocking part of the article ->
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Comment from Rutar @ 2008/02/12
you need to advertise the article better, like "5.8 Gigahertz for great justice and "965 > P35"
Comment from jmke @ 2008/02/12
Comment from Sidney @ 2008/02/19
Price to peformance ratio, this may put the end to exotic w/c and even highend air cool. Well over 4G with stock cooler is another sign of what good engineering from the beginning means.

I wonder the outcome if you put a Q6600 stock cooler in for an upgrade.
Comment from jmke @ 2008/02/20
Originally Posted by Sidney View Post
I wonder the outcome if you put a Q6600 stock cooler in for an upgrade.
4.7Ghz OC on air