TerraTec NOXON iRadio Network Music Player Review

Audio/Others by jmke @ 2007-12-26

The NOXON iRadio is network audio player that lets you enjoy the music from the internet or your hard drive anywhere in the house. We take a closer look and put this compact device through its paces. Time to ditch your AM/FM Radio? We find out

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Introduction & Specs


TerraTec is a name known to many for their soundcard series which offered a quality alternative to Creative’s offering. As the market evolves and separate soundcards are becoming less popular TerraTec decides to expand their product line-up, combining popular technology in user-friendly and affordable equipment.

Today we test one of the home entertainment products, the NOXON iRadio. This retro styled radio with blue LCD and single speaker allows you to stream live internet radio or music from your PC’s hard drive, over its onboard RJ45 wired network or even wireless with the included antenna.

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This gadget is available for approximately ~€179, and comes in a compact box, inside you’ll find another two boxes, one with the iRadio, the other with all the goodies:

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The package is very complete, a detailed manual helps you through the setup process of the iRadio, but also delves further in-depth on how to set up an UPNP media server. You get the required software for both Microsoft XP/Vista and MacOS; linux is possible also but requires that you visit a website with more details.

Next to the main iRadio unit, you get a separate antenna which you secure at the back, and also a remote control which comes with plenty of buttons and allows you to do more with the unit, as the buttons on the iRadio don’t control all functions and possibilities.

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The full specifications can be found at the NOXON iRadio product website, we list the most important here:

Data Rates
• 54 Mbit/s (WLAN)
• 10/100 Mbit/s (Ethernet)

Network Security
• WEP encryption (64/128 bit key support)
• WPA / WPA2 encryption

File Formats
• Internet radio (streaming MP3, MMS)
• MP3 (up to 320 kBit/s, CBR/VBR)
• ID3 V1.0 / V2.0
• M3U
• AAC+
• WMA-9 (up to 320 kBit/s) unprotected and Windows Media DRM10 protected

• Line out (3.5mm Jack)
• Headphone out (3.5mm Jack - plug)
• Ethernet RJ-45
• Second speaker (available on request)
• Power

• 5 Watt / 4 Ohm

• 215 x 120 x 110 mm

• 1 kg

Let’s take a closer look ->
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Comment from jmke @ 2008/01/10
Vista detects this device on the network and will allow you to stream audio from your Vista to the machine, plug and play!

Comment from geoffrey @ 2008/01/10
Now you only need to find the bastard who installed that Vista on your pc
Comment from jmke @ 2008/01/10