Cyber Snipa Tracer Mouse Pad Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by geoffrey @ 2007-12-28

The development in the gaming market has brought many new companies last few years; it is a booming business which brought us a total new range of products that are not solely aimed for performance. With the TRACER mouse pad, Cyber Snipa is amongst many companies trying to get food in the gaming industry via cool looking gadgets. We had a few months experience with this product, find out how well we appreciated Cyber Snipa TRACER mouse pad.

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Conclusive thoughts

Product test

To start with, let's answer my previous thoughts: "How could this product possibly increase my way of enjoying my current pc setup".

Well, for starters let me tell you that my whole pc experience did NOT get a dramatic boost, I would not have paid for a cool looking gadget like this because I already had a mouse mat. Considering those who are in search for such cool gadgets, or those who are in search of mouse pads in the first please, you just might have a good deal on your hands with the Cyber Snipa TRACER.

The TRACER mouse pad is a very solid and steady product which bounded excellent to my wooden desk. The high quality acrylic glass is strong enough to survive most extensive online battles while the self-adhesive top layer provided flat and well protected surface for you mice to run around on. The downside is that I saw few scratches appearing pretty quick, but those did not influence the further usage of this mouse pad. Size wise, this unit is close to perfection, just that bit more then I required from standard mouse mats, but not too large either.

LED lightning makes this product shine in even the darkest gaming rooms, or they just might make you stand out from many others while visiting a LAN party. The light is well spread out and can be changed in brightness via a close-in-range light dimmer. Downside here is that the LEDs are being feed via USB and thus require (another?) cable on your desk, it would be good if we could find something working with batteries for those who prefer wireless computing.

Looking for the Cyber Snipa TRACER, expect to spend around $ 20 for this single product. You can find them 5 dollars cheaper or more expensive, depending on the place you're living, but for the time it will serve you I'd say $ 20 is far from bad, it's nothing compared to what you'll loose on mainstream gaming video cards for instance.

Madshrimps (c)

+ Strong and quality manufactured
+ Flat protected surface which offers good functionality for (optical) mice
+ Excellent grip on most desks
+ Adjustable LED lightning
+ Price: $ 20

- Power cable

I won't comment style, that is far too personal, but among pc enthusiast I think mostly the gamers or owners of pre modded pc housing will like to add this mouse pad to their desktop gaming rig. For me personally, the logos are not really needed, getting rid of those could make this product a bit more slick looking so that it could also be used in everyday environments.

Before I leave on a snowboarding trip to Austria, I hope you had at decent read today, and that we may meet each other again with the start of a brand new (and better?) 2008! For today, I would like to thank Flexiglow for giving us the opportunity to check and review the Cyber Snipa Mouse Pad. Until next time, cheers!
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Comment from Shogun @ 2007/12/28
Man, I wish I was able to give the Cyber Snipa Tracer a test drive!

I've written about a lot of gaming stuff over the years, and it seems like each new product finds a way to trump an earlier product I've tested.

I'm not really sure if I need a mouse pad that is illuminated, but it sure as heck looks pretty cool! However, I don't like how big a lot of these mouse pads are becoming these days! I am lucky that I built my own desk and have lots of space for monstrous mouse pads, but I do know most people don't have a lot of mousing space.