Cyber Snipa Tracer Mouse Pad Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by geoffrey @ 2007-12-28

The development in the gaming market has brought many new companies last few years; it is a booming business which brought us a total new range of products that are not solely aimed for performance. With the TRACER mouse pad, Cyber Snipa is amongst many companies trying to get food in the gaming industry via cool looking gadgets. We had a few months experience with this product, find out how well we appreciated Cyber Snipa TRACER mouse pad.

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The days of boring computers is way past us now, trends like modding and gaming have totally changed the popularity and usage of pc's, many companies also jumped into this business and even now they're still fighting to get food in this market. Nowadays, pc's can be powerful workstations fitted inside slick looking Lian-Li housings, or they could be pure real-time rendering gaming machines overloaded with led lightning and other cool looking gadgets. Anyway, what type of user you ever will be, gamer or CAD-designer, you will always need support for your pointing devices, otherwise they might just not function the way they should, or the way they could. Mouse pads and mats may be one of the most overlooked gadgets, but they do have their functionality, today we're having a look at the TRACER mouse pad brought to us via the Cyber Snipa Trademark, let's hope we can give you a view on what it's like to own this product and if it will be admired by the gamer or designer inside you.

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Cyber Snipa is a Trademark of the Flexiglow company, a global supplier of PC modding and gaming accessories. Their key focus is to feed the ever changing needs of the gaming community, and with the Cyber Snipa series products they're specially looking into complimenting and enhancing the gamers experience via a range of gaming peripherals. The company is well developed in OEM and counts over 18 people, products are FCC and CE certified and thus can be found in many modern countries.

The Tracer illuminated mouse pad features one of the fastest and most responsive gaming surfaces in the field. The dimmer dial, conveniently located on the USB cable, allows direct control of brightness and illumination. Combined with a performance gaming mouse, the Tracer will greatly enhance your game play. Forged from high quality acrylic glass, the low profile and wide footprint mouse surface means you will always be equipped for combat performance.

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Some specifications :

Package Size: 335 x 305 x 25mm
Product Size: 305 x 230 x 5mm
Package Weight (product included): 540g
Product Weight: 395g
Package Contents: 1x Tracer Mouse Pad

We've spend about a half year testing with this product, read on to find our (dis)approval ->
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Comment from Shogun @ 2007/12/28
Man, I wish I was able to give the Cyber Snipa Tracer a test drive!

I've written about a lot of gaming stuff over the years, and it seems like each new product finds a way to trump an earlier product I've tested.

I'm not really sure if I need a mouse pad that is illuminated, but it sure as heck looks pretty cool! However, I don't like how big a lot of these mouse pads are becoming these days! I am lucky that I built my own desk and have lots of space for monstrous mouse pads, but I do know most people don't have a lot of mousing space.