Pantone huey Monitor Color Correction-Calibrator

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We all perceive color differently. When you go over to the next cubical or office, you might notice the color display of your peers look different than yours. Which one of the monitors produces the more accurate colors? Maybe Pantone huey can help.

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The days of using color transparencies sliding into an enlarger in color print process were replaced by color analyzer sensor placed before the image; those were the good old days for photographers and darkroom hobbyists. We learned to make portraits a bit “warmer” to please. Often times, we enjoy looking at certain colors we like and not the true colors while others don't care or color blinded.

Today, PC monitors and digital cameras can be found in most households and adjusting those tiny buttons on the monitor is a pain; Pantone huey might come in handy. Now, just because you have calibrated your monitor, it does not mean you are going to have good color prints from your local photo labs. This depends on the editing or browser programs you use. sRGB (standard) or Adobe RGB color spacing produce different result which is an entirely different story. If you don't use Adobe RGB (mostly for professional) you should be okay most of the time.

I found calibrating the monitor under “day light” condition produces more accurate color than in tungsten lighting condition. Once the “huey” established the base-line, adjustments thereafter will be incremental. Resetting “huey” is necessary at times when too much changes in light source occurs the time I spent with the unit during test. I won't be using it to monitor the changes continuously as I found it unnecessary in my case.

Although I like the “huey”, I don’t think we should rush out to get one. Most LCD/CRTs provide auto adjustment and both ATI and Nividia driver software provide color adjustment unless you feel reading accurate colors from photos, art works and gaming is critical. If you don't notice the difference of the comparison photos on the previous page, you don't need "huey". Do I recommend the product? Yes.


  • Easy to use
  • Reasonably priced


  • No carrying case

    Madshrimps (c)Madshrimps (c)

    You might surprise yourself after "huey" calibrated your monitor and the difference of the above photos surfaced at last.
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    Comment from Rutar @ 2007/11/11
    Good comparison with the pictures, it pretty much explains why 70$ isn't much more to pay when you buy a 600$ or more Display.
    Comment from Sidney @ 2007/11/12
    It is even a better investment if you have more than one display at your household.