Sparkle 8800 GT 512Mb Review - High-End at Low-Price?

Videocards/VGA Reviews by geoffrey @ 2007-11-21

One year ago NVIDIA released the Geforce 8 series and took the performance crown, today we test the latest additions to the family, the 8800 GT is priced lower than the 8800 GTS 320mb, yet sports higher clockspeeds and more video memory. A candidate for best price/performance card and worth a place in your Christmas shopping list? We find out!

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NVIDIA recently released a new 3D graphics accelerator called the G92, equipped with 512MB GDDR3 memory a new card was born, the 8800GT. Believed to be the next best thing for the mid-range category market, we were keen to find yourself how this card performs against the former price/performance champion, the 8800GTS 320MB. Stock and overclocked results combined with performance scaling, we at Madshrimps will find out what Sparkle's version of the 8800GT 512MB has in store for you.

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SPARKLE was established 26 years ago in 1981, with endless energy, vitality and a management of unmatched wit and dedication they managed to offer their services in over 80 countries across 5 different continents. Today Sparkle offers computer 3D video acceleration adapters for the gaming market, one of their newest products is the Sparkle 8800GT 512MB, have a look:

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Sparkle 8800GT 512MB | core: 600MHz | shader: 1500MHz | memory: 1800MHz

Based on the NVIDIA G92, the Sparkle 8800GT comes with 112 stream processors clocked at 1500MHz, while the GPU core is clocked at 600MHz. In theory this card is faster than the older 8800GTS 320MB, and it comes with more memory, 512MB with a 256-bit wide bus, can we say this card is a daunting competitor for the high-end GTX? Before we dive into the performance chart let me first introduce you with the contents of Sparkle's 8800GT box ->
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Good review, but change in the last page the price link to

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thanks, fixed!

it's btw, Sparkle, not Jetway