Victorinox WebPak Plus Laptop Carrying Case Review

Others/Miscelleneous by SidneyWong @ 2007-07-26

Air travel is stressful, especially after 9/11. One to three days business travel becomes the necessary evil to many. Victorinox Webpak plus series could be another ticket that you may consider taking besides the airline ticket. This WebPak is a very business like laptop carrying case that could pack a couple of days of stuff and may ease some of your pain running from airport to your car rental.

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Packing & Conclusion

Packing the WebPak

I am trying to pack as much as I could as if I was taking a three-day business trip. I make a list of what I need as follow:

• Laptop
• Battery charger for the laptop
• One clean shirt & tie
• 2 Pairs of socks
• Printed document
• 2 Clean sets of underwear (in case I get lucky or have to go to the hospital)
• One T-shirt
• Pair of causal pants
• Passport (I carry it wherever I travel after 911)
• MP3 player
• Digital Camera
• Tablet for taking notes

Toothpaste is supplied by the hotel, and for two to three days I don't care if it is not my brand. Forget after-shave, it may not be allowed for carry-on. And, remember to leave your Swiss Army pocket knife at home

Madshrimps (c)

Okay, Jmke advised me to shoot the photo with boxer shorts instead but those are the only clean and new ones I have until the next laundry schedule. :)

Madshimps (c)

Madshimps (c)

The laptop once inserted into sleeve is suspended by elastic straps at the bottom allowing some cushioning or shock absorption effect to protect the laptop in the event of dropping the WebPak or from hard landing. Without a drop test, I can't confirm nor deny if this works in real world. But, it does give me some comfort level.

Time to pack up.

Madshimps (c)

Unzipped the "divider" to reach the inner compartment, placed my garments in with electric shaver, nail clipper and other small items on the side.

Madshimps (c)

Zip up the "divider" place laptop and document folders into separated slots. The nice thing about this design is nothing will fall out of the bag when you open it.

Madshimps (c)

Laptop charger, pens, power cord, MP3 player, camera and whatever small items I care to bring along

Madshrimps (c)

You know what!! There is room for me to stuff in more. Lastly, there is a small zipper pocket at the front to keep copy of your travel itinerary and a couple candy bars for easy reach.


When you have traveled routinely long enough, you realize there is little pleasure in it. It is stressful; sweating bullet in the summer and in freezing, blowing wind looking for your parked car in the winter. My last trip to Hong Kong in mid-March this year was greeted with 34°C (coming in from Chicago) temperature heat wave, my check-in luggage was “lost”. My trusted over-sized “Targus” was hanging over my shoulder with a mere 5-pound laptop and other presumably light-weight electronics gadgets. Two hours later, I found myself soaking wet in my own sweat before the shoulder strap broke off. The luggage showed up two days later.

There are hundreds if not thousands of backpack and laptop cases/bags in the market. Until I look closer to see what kind and type of garment bags the airline professionals are hauling around, I realize what I have been missing in all these years. Time to retire the two Targus laptop bags after 15+ years of service and one from Dell; keeping a super light weight for daily commute with the laptop sleeve and this WebPak when I travel out of town. If you are frequent flyers in and out of trade shows, short business meeting/sales presentation trips, consider the WebPak Plus.

+ Very well design and thought out features
+ Hide away retractable handle and wheels for those moments
+ Provision for backpack strap
+ Can Hold more than you think
+ Business like

- High Price
- No provision to hookup my MP3 Player earphone

I am sure there are other bags as good as the WebPak if not better. However, this one is hard to pass by. Finally, remember to pack clean if not new underwear; (boxer shorts preferred.:)). As soon as I walked out the door, I realized I did not pack my retractable umbrella again! Until next time, travel safe.

Madshrimps (c)
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Comment from thorgal @ 2007/07/27
Great little review, enjoyed thoroughly reading it. Very nice and to the point conclusions: been there, done that, and have equally sweated my pants off
Comment from Sidney @ 2007/07/27
That is the only thing I could find carrying that does not have "made in China" tag. Not inexpensive, but I know it will be with me for a long time.