Evercool HD-CW Cool Wheel HDD Cooler Review

Cooling/VGA & Other Cooling by glenn @ 2007-06-20

Evercool´s latest product keeps your hard drive running cool, this low profile device will fit on any 3.5inch HDD you have lying around and is easy to install and set up, we test the performance and noise levels in this review.

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Intro & Specs


Evercool is a well established brand name amongst hardware enthusiasts; they provide cooling products for a wide range of devices, CPU, video card, case fans and HDD coolers.

Today we review Evercool’s latest, the Cool Wheel HDD cooler, a compact unit aimed at decreasing the operating temperature of one 3.5” HDD when under full load.

Our test-sample arrived in a revealing retail packaging; if you see this in a shop you can immediately inspect the unit. At the back you get all the technical details.

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There are 5 members in the Cool Wheel family, their specifications are all the same, except for the color combo’s

  • Black metal – Red fans
  • Silver metal – Blue fans
  • Silver metal – Red fans
  • Gold metal – Blue fans
  • Gold metal – Red fans

    They all have a transparent top which allows you to see fins of the 2 fans.

    Package Contents & Specs

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    What you see is what you get; the Cool Wheel comes with 4 screws to attach the unit. Installation instructions are printed at the back of the package. The HDD is cooled down by two fans, each one blows air outwards. The Cool Wheel fits on your HDD and in your HDD bay if you have a little extra room to spare.

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    Installation is straight forward, 4 screws go in the backside of the hard drive, plug the 4-pin pass through molex in the HDD, done! (If you have a SATA HDD without 4-pin molex power connector, you’ll need to find another power connection; the power cable is sufficiently long to maneuver a bit.

    Madshrimps (c)

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