Athlon Low-end Tbred B Overclocking

CPU by jmke @ 2003-03-05

Want to upgrade your Athlon Thunderbird? Take a look at latest XP1700+ & XP1800+ samples from the AMD farm, sporting a thoroughbred core and lots of overclocking potential. Can the older Abit KR7A tame this CPU ?

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Benches @ Default

Before we get started some quick words concerning the test system.

Hardware side:
I used an older Abit motherboard, namely the Abit KR7A, a Geforce 4 Ti4200 64Mb (250/500) and 256Mb PC3200 XMS Corsair RAM.

The Abit was voltmodded using SMD grabbers to give me a freedom of adjusting the vcore from 1.6v up to 2.4v.

To add the extra juice to my vcore I did the following:
- SMD-grabbed the 7th pin from the left on this chip (Hip6301) on the motherboard (click for picture)
- connected the other side to "earth" to complete the voltmod in less then 2 minutes (click for picture).

The POT should be anything between 50-100 kOhm. There's a great guide here that explains you how to do the vcore and vmem mod on the Abit KG7/KR7/KX7 motherboards.

Software Side:
With the CPU @ 1466, memory bus @ 133 and timings at “CL2 2-5-2 2T” I am ready to roll.
Windows XP SP1 + Detonator drivers 43.00 + DirectX 8.1.

Benches at Default speed:

Madshrimps (c)

Madshrimps (c)

Respectable performance!
3DMark2001 almost hitting 10000. Quake 3 at maximum detail settings still running close to 200 frames per second! Getting 90+ FPS average on all UT2003 benchmarks is also pretty impressive!

Time to start overclocking...
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