Spire RocKeteer IV 600W SLI Ready Power Supply Review

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by Berry @ 2007-01-08

This 600W SLI ready unit from Spire features a low noise 120mm fan and enough power to run the most demanding gamer setup; being sold at a very competitive price of <$70 we find out if it´s up to a Crossfire challenge.

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Cabling and connectors

Spire brings a few different versions of this model on the market, the one reviewed here is the European version, which isn’t auto-switching and doesn’t have a voltage selection lever. Looking at its 12cm fan with guard, ventilation shouldn’t be a problem as it helps removing the heat out of your case and pushing it out the back side.

Madshrimps (c)

Going on to the cables, they have more than enough length, with the first connector coming @ 50cm, and the next one @ 20cm. One slight minor is, there are only 2 Sata-connectors, combined on a single cable. So if you need more, you’ll have to go for adapters. And it does come with 2 PCI-E connectors. All wires are twisted, to reduce interference, and maybe even more important, it looks nice.

The ATX-connector comes accompanied by a 4-pin E-connector, combining these results in an EPS12V connector. Same goes for the 4-pin ATX connector, there are two, who can be combined to the new standard 8-pin ATX connector.

Madshrimps (c)

On the side of the supply you’ll find the sticker with its specifications. Though nowhere is mentioned this supply is specified for SLI or Crossfire-setups, it does have enough power to meet the requirements prescribed by ATI, this means: 38A+ on the 12V rails
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Comment from wutske @ 2007/01/09
there's an image missing on page 4.
Also do mind spelling and the use of comma's (but hey, I'm not perfect either ). Eg. "OPENING THE POWERSUPPLY, TAMPERING OR MODDIFYING IT VOIDS YOU’RE WARRANTY." does catch your attention (you can't see it, but I just wrote you're attention )
Comment from jmke @ 2007/01/09
haha, actually that text in capitals escaped my eye thanks for that, also fixed the broken img on page4.