Zalman CNPS8000 Low Profile CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by jmke @ 2006-10-31

A compact CPU cooler from Zalman for those small cases and office PCs, carrying the CNPS ultra quiet tag, we find out if it lives up to Zalman reputation of silent computing.

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Introduction and Package

Zalman CNPS8000:
Supplied by: Zalman

Zalman extends their “Computer Noise Prevention System” or CNPS for short with this compact heat pipe copper/aluminum CPU heatsink. The targeted market is office PCs and compact enclosures where larger high end heatsinks fail to fit.

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The packaging and overall product presentations screams quality, this cardboard box is actually classy.


  • AMD: Athlon64/64+ Socket754/940/939
  • AMD: AM2 (note: The distance from the end of AM2 retention frame to RAM slot should be at least 18mm, or interference may occur. Please refer to the manual and the layout of the M/B for any possible interference and feasibility of creating Dual-Channel configuration.)
  • Intel: LGA775 sockets

    Madshrimps (c)
    In the box: you’ll find a manual, mounting gear, thermal grease, case badge and fan speed controller (with the needed cables and double tape to mount it some where convenient)

    Heatsink+Fan Dimensions (mm): 108(L) X 108(W) X 62.5(H)mm
    Weight (with fan): 350 gram

    Fan specs: Custom design 92mm fan. 1400-2600rpm (18-30dBA).

    The Fan Mate 2 fan controller is a separate unit; it sits between the 3-pin motherboard fan connector and the fan. Voltage control goes from maximum 11V to 5V at low setting. More information on the Fan mate 2 can be found here

    Up close :

    The CNPS8000 shares some design ideas with the default AMD stock heat pipe cooler, a larger fan (92mm vs 80mm), vibration reducing shroud and multi socket compatibility make it a more capable cooler, on paper.

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    The aluminum fins are quite tightly packed and go up at two sides of the heatsink;

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    Four heatpipes pass the heat on from the copper base to the top fins, the base is very smooth, but marks of machine lapping are visible

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    The overall finishing of the heatsink is excellent, the CNPS8000 is a mass production unit with a high quality assurance, it’s comes close to perfection:

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    But who cares about the looks of a CPU cooler anyway? You don’t spend your time staring at the insides of your computer… or do you?

    Let’s get it installed ->

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