TTIC NPH AM2 - Compact Heat Column CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by jmke @ 2006-10-25

This low cost heat column powered heatsink from TTIC fits AMD AM2/S939 without much hassle. Its compact size and light weight might discourage you at first sight, but do not let looks deceive you, the NPH AM2 is quite a capable heatsink.

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Test Results & Conclusive Thoughts

Test Results

The NPH is aimed at a very low price point (below $20) and as such there are not a lot of other heatsinks to compare it to. I decided to include the results of a Titan Tower CPU Cooler which also costs <$20.

At full speed the stock 92mm fan runs at 2444rpm, reduced to 50% the rpm monitor read 1118rpm. Here are the results at default CPU speeds:

Madshrimps (c)

At full fan speed the NPH AM2 is certainly audible in a silent system, the performance at this noise level is on par with the Titan and the stock AMD Heat pipe cooling. Reducing the fan speed to 50% the noise level drops to a very enjoyable 35dBA, aka: in-audible. Performance is still good, although with a higher rated CPU you would want to increase the fan speed.

Madshrimps (c)

The NPH passes the torture test with the CPU overclocked and over-volted, although the performance trails that of the stock AMD HSF cooling, the NPH is less noisy (close to 2x).


TTIC has made a very affordable CPU cooler which doesn’t fail to impress, the larger fan reduces overall noise and the easy installation makes it more accessible to the less tech savvy. It’s not meant for the extreme overclocker or the silent freak, but at its low price point you can hardly demand that. The NPH AM2 is capable of keeping your latest AM2/S939 CPU running cool and (very) quiet (if you reduce the fan speed).

Good performance at stock speeds, ok performance at overclocked.
Fan is silent at reduced speeds (~1200rpm)
Easy installation
Excellent price <$20

Fan is clearly noticeable at full speed in a silent system
Short fan power cable.
Custom fan design makes it hard to replace it

Extra remark: After I finished testing I build this cooler into a second K8 system, I wanted to hook up the fan to a fan controller, however the wire was not long enough to cover the required distance. I didn’t have a 3-pin cable extender, but I had a spare 92mm fan which had a long power cable, swapping out the custom TTIC fan with a “normal” 92mm fan is not plug and play, but not impossible. Using zip-ties I could secure the alternative fan, without affecting noise/performance.

I like to thank TTIC for sending over the product for testing;

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