TTIC NPH AM2 - Compact Heat Column CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by jmke @ 2006-10-25

This low cost heat column powered heatsink from TTIC fits AMD AM2/S939 without much hassle. Its compact size and light weight might discourage you at first sight, but do not let looks deceive you, the NPH AM2 is quite a capable heatsink.

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Introduction, Specifications and Up Close

Supplied by: TTIC

TTIC (also known by the name of nPowertek) has a proven track record when it comes down to building low cost and effective CPU cooling solutions. From back in the days of the Athlon XP to the latest AM2 platform their heatsinks have made use of a large heat column which sits in the middle of the heatsinks and comes in direct contact with the CPU core. The principle of the heat column is very similar to the working of a heat pipe, but it’s cheaper to produce, the only requirement is the minimal height of the column, that’s why TTIC’s heatsinks are all based on a tower design.

The NPH AM2 unit tested today is rather compact although there’s a heat column sitting in the middle, the column is made of copper, the fins of aluminum, a 92mm custom fan provides the required airflow. The NPH is compatible with AM2 and K8 (S939/754) platforms. There is also a NPH S775 version which doesn’t differ much from the one tested here.

The heatsinks and fan come in a none-descriptive cardboard box:

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  • AMD: Athlon64/64+ Socket754/940/939/AM2

    Madshrimps (c)
    Inside the box you’ll find the assembled HSF and an installation manual. No separate thermal paste, it’s has been pre-applied on the base.

    Heatsink Dimensions (mm): 90(L) x 90(W) x 40(H)

    A custom design 92mm is made to fit the heatsink, here are the specs:

    * Bearing Type: Long Life Bearing
    * Speed: 2500rpm
    * Max. Airflow: 51.62CFM

    Up close :

    100 aluminum fins are spread around the heat column, a black plastic shroud helps guide the air coming from the 92mm fan.

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    The fan is mounted with small rubber washers between fan and shroud, the metal finger guard prevents you from poking at the fan at the wrong time, although at a maximum rated speed of 2500rpm that should be too harmful.

    Madshrimps (c)

    The wire of the fan was rather short, I could plug it into a motherboard 3-pin connector easily, but it was not long enough to reach a 3.5” fan controller, a ~180mm is just not long enough.

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