Connect3D 9500 128Mb: 9700 Pro performance for <€200?

Videocards/VGA Reviews by richbastard @ 2003-01-24

The 9700 (Pro) has proven to be the best performing 3D card for the past half year. However, not every PC enthousiast is willing to spend €400 on a 3D card. Until now the best bang for the buck card in the €150-200 range was the Nvidia GF4 Ti4200, but ATI wanted a piece of that pie too so they released the cheaper 9500 / 9500 Pro. Is ATI about to dethrone Nvidia in de sub €200 market? Read on.

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Box contents

Box contents:

Colorful boxes are fun until you´ve opened them and take up space, so I decided to save a few euro´s and buy the bulk version. It still contains every thing youll need, but nothing more:

  • - A Connect3D 9500 128Mb videocard
  • - A powercable with floppy connector
  • - A TV-out cable
  • - A S-VHS to RCA connector
  • - A DVI to VGA converter



Part number:

This part number indicates it´s a rev 3.0 pcb, the newest reference design.
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