Motherboard Chipset Cooler Roundup

Cooling/VGA & Other Cooling by mich_vm @ 2006-08-12

Six heatsinks, one chipset, and a truckload full screws. We mount these little metal blocks onto a hot nForce4 motherboard to find out which one cools best and is most SLI friendly.

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Zalman ZM-NBF47 - specs,package and install

Zalman ZM-NBF47

Material pure aluminum
Heatsink Dimensions 81mm (L) X 37mm (W) X 47mm (H)
Fan Dimension & Specs passive solution, no fan
Weight 57gr


Zalman?s NBF-47 is one of two passive heatsinks included in this roundup. It comes in a properly designed retail package that holds most relevant information like components, specification and dimensions. After taking it out of its snug package you'll immediately notice that Zalman put quite some effort in designing this product. The result is a heatsink that resembles a flower (Zalman refers to it as a 'Flower heat sink') and consist of twenty aluminum fins, each bearing the name Zalman.

While the flower design may pay off in cooling performance as there is an increase in overall dissipation surface, it does certainly has some disadvantages. It's pretty obvious the shape can cause troubles with some motherboards. While the package clearly states there are no compatibility issues with any motherboard, it really depends on the layout of your motherboard whether you'll be able to install this cooler with success.


As you can see in the picture below, I installed my heat sink diagonally. It's perfectly possible to place the NBF-47 horizontal on this type of motherboard, but let us just say my approach certainly was by far the easiest to do. Doing this, I lost the upper PCIe 16x slot and thus removing the possibility for an SLI setup. Furthermore, installing a longer card simply isn't possible.

Installing did require some skill and patience due to the small screws. According to Zalman, installing this heat sink together with a Zalman CPU-cooler (any cooler from the CNPS-series) will give you superior performance.
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