MC-001 - Melvine Rheobus action

Modding/Small Mods by jmke @ 2003-01-14

I was looking for a way to silence this loud 90mm fan I?ve installed in one of my PC?s, The guys over at Melvine (Casemodding Shop) send me a small device and told me this was the solution to my problem. Does it reduce the noise , or am I forever doomed to listen to the whining of my fan? Let?s find out...

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Performance + Conclusion


The reason I installed the casefan in the first place was to keep the CPU temperature down. Without it the CPU would be reaching 65+°C easily, so keeping a good performing casefan running is important. Let´s see how the installation of the rheobus affects the CPU temp.

The Tech. info:
- P4 1.8@2.55Ghz – vcore: 1.6v
- Standard Intel cooler
- Room temp: 21°C
- Running Folding@Home

Before installation of the rheobus
Mobo temp: 30°C
CPU temp under load: 52°C

After installation of the rheobus (minimal setting)
Mobo temp: 32°C
CPU temp under load: 55°C

After installation of the rheobus (maximal setting)
Mobo temp: 30°C
CPU temp under load: 52°C


As you can see in the results above, this MC-001 is a blessing, it takes away the noise of the fan and does not impact performance a lot. Of course this all depends on the fan used, but with the presence of the 4 setting jumper the risk of running into a fan that doesn´t work with this kit is quite impossible!

It is currently being sold for € 16 , not very cheap but you do get high quality material in return. I´m only using 1 fan but the rheokit supports up to almost 5 of these, making it a worthwhile investment if you want a silent and performing system at the same time.

Madshrimps (c)

I would like to thank the guys over at Melvine for sending me this kit to review and also RichBastard for keeping it safe & sound all this time :)

If you have any questions or remarks I´m more then happy to answer them right here!
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