Epox MF570 SLI AM2 Motherboard Preview

Motherboards/AMD AM2 by windwithme @ 2006-05-23

With only 0 days until the official launch of AMD?s AM2 more information is leaking out about the upcoming platform, we take a sneak peek at the offering from Epox, the MF570 SLI which has quite a bit of features to please the enthusiast out there.

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Monitoring tool and first performance test

Epox is bundling their own Monitoring software which works under the Windows OS, called Thunder Probe.

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The software can monitor voltages, temperatures and memory frequency.

The Epox board overclocked quite well, easily running stable at DDR2 800 speeds and beyond. Because of the AMD NDA which is still applicable until the 23rd May we can’t offer detailed benchmarks results for now; Here are a few numbers to give you an idea. (Sisoft Sandra 2007 was used , get your free copy here)

Madshrimps (c)

Madshrimps (c)Madshrimps (c)Madshrimps (c)Madshrimps (c)Madshrimps (c)

To wrap up this preview let’s quickly recap the good the bad and the ugly. Epox is using high quality components on this board which will bring excellent overclocking potential. You can hook up to 12 Hard Disk which is quite impressive. The BIOS offers a wide range of control over voltage and HTT speed as well as memory timings.

While the overall board layout is far from bad, there are a few areas which could be improved, the CPU socket is too close to the memory banks and the ATX power connector is located in area which might obstruct airflow when you can’t get that large ATX power cable hidden away well enough. First performance/overclocking tests are promising; obtaining high HTT speeds was possible, topping out slightly over 300Mhz.

With reborn Abit, DFI, Asus, MSI and many others aiming to get the best enthusiasts board out there, it will be the customers who’ll benefit in the end, getting more for less. Only 1 more week until AM2… the wait is almost over.

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