Thermaltake RX-K8 Silent Boost AMD CPU Cooler

Cooling/CPU Cooling by KeithSuppe @ 2006-07-25

With flood waters rising in the wake of Core Duo, AMD has been forced to shore up the dike by slashing prices on desktop CPUs faster then Edward Sissor Hands. AMD processors are flying off the selves and need decent heatsinks. Enter Thermaltake?s RX-K8 Silent Boost

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Appendix - Mixed Reviews

From the 13 reviews found on the Mini Typhoon and RX-K8 (which both use the same fan) we gathered 4 ? noisy ? user experiences and 9 ? silent ? ones. Could this be solely due to sample variance? Not all reviews used the same method to evaluate the acoustic performance, those that used a dBA meter found the fan to be clearly audible. The silent reports came from those reviews where there was no accurate measurement of the noise generated.

Mini Typhoon

  • Hartware - ?@12v 44,9 dB(A) sehr deutlich h?rbar (very clearly audible)?
  • TechPowerup - ?@12v: 56dBA @7v: 39dBA (very loud)?
  • Overclockercafe - ?Quiet operation? but no more detail
  • Motherboards - ?nearly silent? but no more detail
  • Madshrimps (CPU roundup) - ?@12v: 51dBA @7v: 36dBA (very loud)?


  • Virtual-Hideout - ?slightly over ambient?
  • Tweaknews - ?virtually silent at maximum speed?
  • aphnetworks - ?I can hear it very clearly?
  • Futurelooks - ?I also noticed the PC got a tiny bit more noisy?
  • moditory - ?incredibly quiet operation?
  • modthebox - ?This is a great device for low noise applications?
  • techtastic - ?a really quiet operating heatsink/fan combo?
  • hardware-review - ?runs silently as advertised?

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